reason, rationality and proportionality. Where art thou?

You Can’t Sue Over Election Fraud Before, During or After the Election. Daniel Greenfield – “When should you file a lawsuit over an election? If you’re a Democrat, the answer is at any time. But if you’re a Republican the answer is never.”

What’s happening in Minnesota bodes ill for Democrats. Andrea Widburg – “I can’t help it. Whenever I hear a Democrat intone “science” to justify the current Marxist social or economic project the Democrats are pushing, I think of the mad doctor in Thomas Dolby’s classic video for the hit song “She Blinded Me With Science” … “In Walz’s case, “science” holds that working mothers must go to jail, and killers must hit the streets.”

2020: The Year We Lost The Plot. Rob Slane – “not only do we have our imaginary conspiracy loon’s mad ravings come true, but those same people who have accepted it look upon those of us who have been pointing out the madness of it all as if we were those who had taken leave of our senses.” … “To cut to the chase, we have gone and thrown out reason, rationality and proportionality this year.” … “In the real world, the only thing that got controlled this year was not a virus, but people.”

Bad Science Isn’t a Victimless Crime. Peter Ridd – “Every major industry in north-eastern Australia is affected by legislation designed to “save the Reef ”; the costs run into billions of dollars.” … “Every major aspect of farm activity is now tightly controlled by bureaucrats.”

“The GBR should be treated with respect; no significant damage to the Reef is tolerable. But, if the GBR is actually in good shape, then it means the focus of worry, and attention, should move to something else instead. Something that is a genuine problem. Something that must be fixed. Humans seem to have only a finite capacity for care, compassion, and concern. If we are worrying more about the GBR, we will likely be worrying less for the fate of the Borneo rainforest or some other natural treasure.

The U.S. Media Are Suppressing the Truth about Hydroxychloroquine. C. Boyden Gray – “Developments overseas have been totally ignored by the American press. And yet, since Election Day, the media have hewed to the “HCQ Bad” narrative.” … “the narrative is false. First, there is strong evidence that hydroxychloroquine is helpful in treating COVID-19 when administered early in the disease”

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