It’s about that basement and building an infrastructure

Democrats Had a Plan for Georgia, Republicans Didn’t. Daniel Greenfield – “There’s a huge difference between spending money on ad buys and consultants, and spending it to change the structural environment of the election.” This is taking to heart the communist mantra that it is not who votes but rather who counts the vote that is important.

Democrats’ defense of Georgia election fraud video doesn’t hold water. Andrea Widburg – “While the “fact check” gave room to Democrat operatives to cover their derrieres, the counter-narrative was ludicrous. Additionally, new evidence about vote spikes and two of the vote counters behaving suspiciously gave even more credence to Republicans’ take on the surveillance video.”

“The facts remain clear: Poll observers testified they were deliberately cleared out, at which point workers, including two who had behaved suspiciously earlier, scanned ballots like crazy, with that scanning coinciding with an impossibly huge spike in counts that favored Joe Biden. No wonder Governor Kemp suddenly called for a signature audit. Even he knew no one would believe the purported facts “explaining” the video.

Sadly, despite all this evidence of illegal conduct, Fulton County still certified its results. That’s what happens when the fox is the one charged with certifying the henhouse.

See also neo: Suitcase-gate in Fulton County

I’m a Legislator in Pennsylvania, and I’m Suing the Governor for Election Fraud. Frank Ryan – “Moreover, many of my colleagues and I have petitioned the Congress of the United States to select Pennsylvania’s electors for the 2020 general election.”

“Actions by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court and secretary of state in the 2020 general election were so fraught with inconsistencies, documented irregularities, and improprieties (see filing below) that the election results for the office of president of the United States cannot be determined.
Because the mail-in process was so fatally flawed, the results cannot be audited, which may have been the governor’s objective when he acted unilaterally to replace voting machines last year and demanded certain election reforms.

In any business or organization, internal controls are designed to deter wrongdoing. Likewise, elections require reasonable controls to ensure that the results accurately reflect the will of the voters. The system of controls over voting in Pennsylvania’s 2020 General Election were so deficient as to render the results of the mail-in ballot process incapable of being relied upon.

The Second COVID Wave Was Avoidable. James Stansbury – “these exceptionally powerful WEF progressives may believe that their cause is so essential that nothing would be off-limits to achieve a Biden victory and continuation of the worldwide chaos.”

“So far, the data confirm that there are real concerns. However, a greater question is whether most of the total COVID-19 deaths and damage from lockdowns could have been avoided. Evidence has existed from the start that an inexpensive drug was available that could have tamed the beast. However, this drug’s off-label use for COVID-19 has been discouraged in the U.S. and most Western nations. Perhaps its early mention by President Trump inspired the leftist MSM to create the negative propaganda. However, this may not explain its ban by most Western nations.

Many reputable doctors went on record supporting its use, but so far, they have succeeded only in risking their careers and getting censored.

The Republicans depended upon the Constitution and the Law as their foundation. The Democrats built their own to suit their immediate needs and desires. The battle is about whether this new build is acceptable. It does appear that helf the country thinks so.

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