Blinded by Self-Righteousness

The Woke Housewives of Silicon Valley. Daniel Greenfield – “The Woke Housewives of Silicon Valley, whether or not they actually live there, have amassed enormous wealth with little responsibility or understanding of how the people they hurt live.” … “the one constant of the Woke Housewives of Silicon Valley is that they use their massive wealth to wreck other places,” … “Wokeness is a movement of white women who lack any sense of meaning or purpose.” … “Unlike real religion, wokeness permits the lefty super-rich to evade a moral reckoning with their sins, using the rest of the country as scapegoats”

Seven Identifiers for those Blinded by Self-Righteousness. Josh Laxton – “Self-righteousness pervades individuals, families, and organizations, so we must learn how to recognize it.” … “Self-righteousness is more than a trait—it is a state, a condition, or a way of life. It refers to those who are holier-than-thou, pharisaic, or sanctimonious.”

Denigrating Hoover. Victor Davis Hanson – “Matt Larson … alleges that we at Hoover are purportedly “more interested in making money and promoting right-wing politics than in doing actual academic research.” Hanson replies to an ad hominem argument so typical of the Left. “These are serious writs against our institution and yet mostly leveled without substantiation.” … “Are we to laugh or cry at that puerile tirade?” Compare and contrast modes of argument.

25 former D.C. Bar presidents can be wrong. Paul Mirengoff – “In this Washington Post op-ed, 25 former D.C. Bar presidents attack the lawyers who are presenting claims that voter fraud deprived Donald Trump of a substantial number of votes in key states. They contend that these lawyers are undermining democracy. … The claim would be laughable if it did not reveal that so many high-profile lawyers have a distorted view of democracy.” It is this sort of corruption of a bar association and a major media outlet illustrate that is so very frightening. “There is no need for a whiny Washington Post op-ed that asserts without evidence that all voter fraud claims being pursued are frivolous.” The logical fallacy here is the appeal to authority. 

Examining the Evidence for Democrats’ ‘No Evidence of Voter Fraud’ Claim. Jon N. Hall – “Whenever some self-appointed “expert” makes a claim of there being “no evidence” for something, insist that he produce the evidence for his claims. Ask him: what evidence do you have that there is “no evidence”?”

The Dems Had No Choice But to Rig the Election. Ayad Rahim – “This time they were ready — because there was too much at stake.”


Stacey Abrams’s ‘New Georgia Project’ seems to have some problems with voter fraud. Monica Showalter – “What’s disgusting is that Abrams bills herself as Ms. Clean. Actually, she could be even ethically dirtier than even the average machine Democrat.” … “It’s pretty ironic that a group that could paint itself so sensitive to electoral fairness could really be a front for stealing lost elections.”

Does a surveillance video prove Georgia election fraud? Andrea Widburg – “The planners missed two details. First, they forgot to make sure the government’s documents supported the “burst pipe” narrative. … Second, they forgot that the State Farm Arena, where the counting took place, has surveillance cameras all over.” … “it is to be hoped that every intelligent American who is not a partisan media hack – i.e., members of the public, politicians, and judges alike — understands that we’re seeing something better than a smoking gun. In those surveillance videos, we’re actually watching in real time the gun being used to commit the biggest crime in American history.”

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