what’s really going on here?

Takin’ it to the Streets. Eric Georgatos – “In 2020, the American people ain’t blind, and they don’t like what they’re seeing from almost every one of their so-called leaders and ‘institutions’ regarding the presidential election of 2020.” [referring to the Doobie Brothers in 1976] … “ watch the streets of America in the coming weeks. We the People are not done with protecting and preserving this country.”

Thinking about that flailing Fox News betrayal. Jeannie DeAngelis – “This same group of self-ordained experts, who dismissed hydroxychloroquine and zinc as a COVID deterrent and treatment, have now turned their attention toward election fraud.”

Sidney Powell has expanded on the scope of the Dominion scam. Andrea Widburg – For Carlson et al, it’s the ‘never enough’ denial. “no lawyer should ever give the opponent (and that would be, not just the Democrat party and Dominion, but the media as well) the entire case before going into court. That’s an insane tactic.” For those with a better grip on intellectual integrity and reality, there are a few bits of ‘evidence’ to consider.

“Dominion is going into hiding … Our government definitely seized those Scytl servers … The Dominion system was built to shift and delete votes … This is a worldwide fraud

The Trump Team’s Real Strategy. Sally Zelikovsky – “So, what’s really going on here?” … “I, too, have been baffled by the state court misses and can understand why people might conclude that Rudy and Lin Wood may be past their prime. But we should dig a little deeper into these state court cases and look at them from the point of view of strategy.” There is dissonance here, too.

Georgia Governor Calls for Audit of Signatures on Ballot Envelopes. Ivan Pentchoukov – The recount is plauded as “numbers don’t lie” but that denies GIGO – garbage in, garbage out. The Governor is addressing this. “he would sign off on the certification of the election results after the Peach State conducted a risk-limiting audit of the presidential election which showed Democratic nominee Joe Biden ahead of President Donald Trump by 12,284 votes.”

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