Cynicism jaded by experience. It’s not funny.

Cynicism jaded by experience versus reality stimulate dissonance … Why Trump Will Likely Win a Second Term. Phoenix Capital Research – “the election is a mess and from what I can tell, no one in the media is actually outlining what’s to come based on the law. Instead I’m seeing a lot of political opinion, being presented as fact, when it isn’t.” … “When the courts get involved in an election, it becomes an issue of evidence.”

Trump Lawyer Sidney Powell: “We’re Getting Ready To Overturn Election Results In Multiple States”. Tyler Durden – “The Department of Homeland Security’s cybersecurity agency issued a statement on Thursday calling the 2020 general election the “most secure in American history,” despite multiple legal challenges alleging a variety of alleged voting irregularities across a number of battleground states.” but how do they explain the anomalies in the processing of votes?

Election Fraud Is Not Funny. Tim Kowal – “If Democrats and media wished Americans would believe they were on the level when they called the election for Biden, they needed to wipe the smirk off their faces and play it straight about election fraud a long time before they embarrassed themselves for three years over a hundred grand of Facebook ads.”

Conspiracy Theory, Or Stolen Election? John Hinderaker – “if the United States is to avoid banana republic status, we need to institute more secure and reliable election procedures. No more ballot harvesting, no more millions of mail-in votes, and some reasonable attention paid to the machines and software that ultimately count the votes.”

“One more thing: liberals are quick to dub anything they don’t like a conspiracy theory. But four years ago, I wouldn’t have imagined that top officials of the FBI and the CIA would collaborate with Hillary Clinton’s campaign to propagate lies in order to try to swing the election to her, or failing that, to disable the incoming administration of the candidate that they didn’t favor. That scandal has greatly expanded my, and our, understanding of what may be possible. This isn’t your grandfather’s United States of America.

Twitter flags Nikki Haley for saying obviously true things. Jazz Shaw – the propagandists are getting aggressive. “rather than meekly accepting this next round of censorship, Haley pushed back. She asked why she was singled out for this sort of attention when Ayatollah Khamenei is allowed to tweet out Holocaust denial material.”

Law Firm’s Withdrawal Reflects Chilling Reality. John Hinderaker – “Not many years ago, every terrorist in Guantanamo Bay was represented by one of a group of America’s top law firms. For free. No one batted an eye. Now, the President of the United States is having trouble getting lawyers to represent him in asserting perfectly legitimate claims. Some dictator.”

Sidney Powell gives details about the election fraud Kraken. Andrea Widburg – “there’s always been the worry that these actions, while true, may not convince a judge (or nine justices) to overturn the election.”

Ignorance or Denial of the Obvious Doesn’t Diminish the Obvious. Jeff Davidson – “you can count on the media not printing a single word about such evidence. Ignorance or, more accurately, feigned denial of the obvious, however, in no way diminishes the obvious.”

Looking to Solzhenitsyn for clues about the present. Will Stoutamire – “Like many of us, Solzhenitsyn had been de facto silenced by the Western media and denounced as a nut for recounting the true history of the Bolshevik Revolution and its bloody aftermath as well as making warnings to the West.”

“Solzhenitsyn warned America and the West time and time again that abandoning its religious foundations and embracing secularism would in turn lead to total chaos, followed by a complete loss of freedom. America and the rest of the West are already in chaos. What follows is the people’s determination and destiny. Either way, we get the government we deserve.

The Left’s Wanton Violence Against the MAGA Marchers. Joseph Klein – “A preview of what’s to come if Biden-Harris take over.” Past is prologue? “Black Lives Matter (BLM) and Antifa thugs harassed, threatened and assaulted pro-Trump demonstrators, who had peaceably assembled on Saturday in the nation’s capital for what was billed as the Million MAGA March. The radical leftists are preparing to own the streets, forcing law abiding Americans to either kowtow to their demands or get out of the way.” [but Trump is the fascist Nazi dictator Kristallnact evil?]

What Can Be Done for Michael Flynn? Jed Babbin – “A presidential pardon is the last thing he wants.” … “How Flynn reached this awful point is a lesson in FBI misconduct, abuse of power by former special counsel Robert Mueller’s team, and misconduct by the trial judge, Emmet Sullivan of the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia. It goes back much farther — and higher — than that.”

Preserving courtroom and verdict integrity. Paul Driessen – “Big Media, Big Tech, Big Academia, the Deep State and the Cancel Culture clearly aligned with the Democrat Party, to resist, block, impede and impeach a duly elected President Trump, during and after the 2016 election and the 2020 election cycle.” … “Equally worrisome is growing evidence that the integrity of our courtroom proceedings and jury verdicts is also at risk”

The Notorious SAA: Democrats Denounce Alito After Years Of Praising Ginsburg For Controversial Comments. Jonathan Turley – “there is reason to be critical of Alito. However, the voices are coming from people who once cheered on such comments from Ginsburg. Now however there was nothing but utter disgust. This was not “Notorious” but nauseating.”

Trump Celebrates Moderna’s ‘95% Effective’ COVID-19 Vaccine, Reminds World It Happened ‘On My Watch’. Tyler Durden – “But we imagine the MSM will still find some way to deprive President Trump of “credit” for helping bring about this ‘breakthrough’.” … “Analysis of the data, covering more than 30,000 volunteers, showed the vaccine prevented virtually all symptomatic cases of the virus, as it appeared even more effective than Pfizer’s vaccine.” … “And then we get to do it all again next week (or perhaps a week or two later) when the AstraZeneca-Oxford or some other trial data hits.”

COVID-19 is distracting us from another medical emergency. Ross Clark – “The estimated number of deaths globally from measles climbed to 207,500 in 2019” … “If the first victim of war is truth, then the first victim of COVID-19 was a sense of proportion.” … “while COVID is mainly carrying off the old and already-sick, the vast majority of last year’s 200,000 measles victims were previously healthy children. … The second difference is that we already have a measles vaccine.”

COVID case increases vs. death increases. neo – “If Biden becomes the next president, I would not be the least bit surprised if, after his inauguration, COVID reporting shifts from alarm at high case rates to credit for lower death rates.” In the Reno area, active cases are about 1 in 500 and deaths continue in low single digits and the hospitals are running plenty of empty space but the hype is in overdrive.

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