riddled with misconceptions

Trump’s Greatest Achievement. Ben Weingarten – “he has exposed the unprecedented degree of rot and corruption that pervades the American system.” … “Today, half the country may never trust an election again, not because of the pending outcome, but because of the process by which we arrived at it.” It is abomination exposed. Is anyone listening?

“If the history is written by the ultimate victors—and the house almost always wins—it may well be that this entire story is missed. Certainly, it will be misrepresented, warped, and glossed over in the most outrageous of ways. It will probably be censored too.

Nevertheless, we must write it: For posterity, and for our fellow countrymen, in the here and now, more motivated than ever before to reclaim this land we love.

Big Media Revealed As Corrupt, Venal And Biased — So What Else Is New? I & I Editorial Board – “Free republics, such as our own, depend on a healthy, vibrant, independent press to survive. The free flow of information, facts and opinion is the oxygen that our republic breathes. Right now, we’re gasping for breath.”

Memo To Joe: COVID Is Skyrocketing In States That Already Have Mask Mandates. I & I Editorial Board – “As it stands, 33 states already have statewide mask mandates. These states account for three-quarters of the nation’s population. … Plus, just about anywhere you go these days has social distancing guidelines in effect.” … “But guess what? The virus is still spreading, with daily new cases far above the peaks in the spring and summer.”

Lockdowns Make Time Stand Still. Raúl Ilargi Meijer – “The discussion has been stuck in an All Else Being Equal (Ceteris Paribus) mode, but all things do not remain equal.” … “The point is, you can’t force lockdowns, masks etc. onto people, without looking at what the consequences of that will be. Because all things do not remain equal for 6-7 months.” … “Whatever else you do, maybe you should prepare for the risk that the virus is endemic, and it’s here to stay. And then take it from there. Because, for one thing, it’s not all that obvious, it’s all still riddled with misconceptions.”

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