Boil the frog. Slowly. So he doesn’t notice until it’s too late.

But there is blood in the water now. Notice the slant being used by the primary propaganda machine in ‘describing’ the situation. Just who is boiling here?

Calls For ‘Unity’ From Those Who Demonize Opponents As White Supremacists Are Deeply Unserious. Tristan Justice – “If Joe Biden were serious about unifying the country, he would condemn the voices in his own party demanding to punish their political opponents.”

Out of sorts. neo – “although there were a few pockets of decent conversation, for the most part I was impressed (and not favorably) by how little people seem to know of actual events, and how recalcitrant to change the Trump-hatred was and still is.”

Amid Calls For Unity & Civility, Lincoln Project Doxxes Lawyers Representing Trump In Election Battles. Tyler Durden – “The crushing irony is magnified by the fact that Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) has called for liberals to start to assemble enemy lists of people who were “complicit” in the Trump Administration”

Trump Files Emergency Injunction In Michigan Alleging Fraud; Demands Recounts Over ‘Malfunctioning’ Dominion Machines. Tyler Durden – “in a federal lawsuit aimed at preventing the State of Michigan from certifying the results of last week’s election until election officials can certify that only legally cast, on time, and legally observed ballots are included in the count.” … “The complaint includes “more than one hundred credentialed election challengers” who have provided “sworn affidavits” that they were prevented from reviewing the ballot count, or validate the legitimacy of absentee ballots.”

Pennsylvania Voter Fraud: The Lawsuit. John Hinderaker – “You can read the complaint here. It is 85 pages long and is, in my opinion, quite impressive. It alleges that several Democrat-dominated counties violated Pennsylvania law by preventing Republican “watchers,” as they are called in that state, from observing the ballot counting process.” … “Another issue described in the Complaint is that in several large, Democrat-controlled counties, mail-in ballots were examined in advance of Election Day, which violates Pennsylvania law.” … “That systemic voter fraud occurred in Pennsylvania, with the connivance of the Secretary of the Commonwealth and several Democrat-dominated counties, is, I think, obvious. The question is what can be done about it.”

Judge rejects Trump team’s request for secret evidence in lawsuit over Maricopa County votes. Maria Polletta – request to seal evidence “But attorneys representing the election officials being sued convinced the judge to reject the request after arguing the public “has a right to know how flimsy Plaintiffs’ evidence actually is.” It seems a judgment has been offered ‘without evidence’ as the saying goes. But it’s not done, yet. Hearing Thursday.

The Statistical Case Against Biden’s Win. Steve Cortes – “The statistical case is, admittedly, circumstantial rather than conclusive. … But the numbers also firmly point to the intense improbability of the accuracy of the present Biden lead.”

“The statistical case, in isolation, does not prove fraud. But the confluence of highly unlikely results does, emphatically, paint of picture of utter improbability.

Any one of these four factors alone would cast intense doubt upon election results.

Put all four together, and the result is a seemingly impossible statistical perfect storm.

New Judicial Watch Study Finds 353 U.S. Counties in 29 States with Voter Registration Rates Exceeding 100% … “a September 2020 study revealed that 353 U.S. counties had 1.8 million more registered voters than eligible voting-age citizens” … “Judicial Watch relies on its voter registration studies to warn states that they are failing to comply with the requirements of the National Voter Registration Act of 1993, which requires states to make reasonable efforts to clean their voter rolls. Judicial Watch can and has sued to enforce compliance with federal law.”

“I Did Not Recant”: USPS Whistleblower Stands By Backdated Ballot Claim. Tyler Durden – “Citing “people who spoke on the condition of anonymity,” the Post now says that Hopkins – a Marine combat veteran – “signed an affidavit recanting his claims.”

Despite State GOP Claims To The Contrary, Georgia Is Ripe For Election Fraud. John Daniel Davidson – an illustration of how the elections process has been corrupted in small steps over the years.

Why Twitter Won’t Let People Share Sworn Court Documents Alleging Voter Fraud. Ben Weingarten – “Big Tech’s efforts to shield favored political figures and positions from scrutiny have only increased.” … “Who is Twitter to be challenging these claims? Can it not handle any evidence that conflicts with its Official Narrative?”

“Democrats lodged more than 100 lawsuits over the past year in an attempt to loosen identification requirements, increase the quantity of mail-in ballots, and widen the avenues by which they could be delivered. That is a testament to the concerns legislatures across the country have long had over voter fraud—concerns merited given the hundreds of other documented cases that have transpired.

More broadly, a society that suppresses legitimate viewpoints is destined to grow increasingly dangerous. It will be ripe with division, and could head for dissolution. Free peoples must grapple freely with ideas, or they are unlikely to long remain free.

Big Media Revealed As Corrupt, Venal And Biased — So What Else Is New? I & I Editorial Board – “Free republics, such as our own, depend on a healthy, vibrant, independent press to survive. The free flow of information, facts and opinion is the oxygen that our republic breathes. Right now, we’re gasping for breath.” … “Truth and objectivity are dead. Ideology, of the far-left variety, is all that matters. In a secular age, socialism is the media’s great god. Truth is the victim.”

New York Times’ Kevin Roose Calls Accurate Stories About Election Integrity Fight ‘Misinformation’. John Nolte – “All four of those stories are news stories. … are reporting on events that actually happened. … are informing readers of what is going on.” … “Eleven hours after lying about 100 percent accurate stories being “misinformation,” Roose fired off a series of tweets admitting that he’s not mad because the stories are inaccurate, he’s mad because we covered stories that are accurate.” … ““We need a better word than ‘misinformation’ to distinguish between totally false stories and true stories that are published in service of an attempt to mislead people”

Nolte asks “How can reporting facts, actual events — how can reporting the truth, be used to create a misinformation campaign?” The answer is by telling only part of the truth – why ‘whole truth and nothing but the truth’ is heard on the old Perry Mason shows swearing in a witness. The duty of the defense is to make sure the ‘whole truth’ is laid in front of the jury and the duty of the jury is to determine if it has enough evidence to discern the ‘whole truth.’ Reporting facts is a first step and Roose isn’t filling in what he thinks is needed to complete the picture, he is only trying to hide the ‘whole truth’ as a defensive mechanism to serve as a salve to his cognitive dissonance.

The real story behind AG Barr authorizing investigations of vote fraud blows away the MSM narrative. Thomas Lifson – “The narrative Pilger offers, all but universally adopted by the media, is that Barr is violating established norms and acting out of (corrupt) political motives.” … “But there is a lot more going on here … it removes the obstacle that has prevented serious investigations of vote fraud up to now.”

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