Something smells

Compare and contrast the campaign rallies to the vote. And wonder. Look at the down ballot results compared to the top of the ticket. And wonder. Look at the mysterious ballot collections that showed up a day late with unanimous votes. And wonder. Compare turnout to registrations. And wonder. Consider what people seem to be voting for without learning from history. And wonder.

Marxism In Africa: Why So Many African Economies Failed After Independence. Eric Coffie – “Like Nkrumah, many other African leaders—namely Julius Nyere of Tanzania, Modibo Keita of Mali, Léopold Senghor of Senegal, and Sékou Touré of Guinea, among others—also took the socialist path in the struggle for African independence. This resulted in the rise of despots and a series of military coups d’état in most African countries and had a devastating effect on the social and economic life of Africa. ”

“The brutal rejection of capitalism in favor of socialism by African politicians at independence was largely due to a deep-seated misconception that equates capitalism to colonialism. In fact, according to Lenin, capitalism was the extension of colonialism and imperialism. For this reason, African leaders at the time of independence didn’t want anything to do with capitalism.
Insanity is said to be the inability to correlate causes and effects. Wherever Marxism/socialism has been practiced, it has meant slavery and death for the majority. It’s no surprise that Marxism failed in Africa just as it has done in many other nations. Throughout history, there has been a lot of evidence showing that capitalism works and socialism is a failure.

Stealing Pennsylvania. Lynne Lechter – “Regardless of the outcome, Pennsylvania Democrat Governor Tom Wolf, the Pennsylvania state courts and the Democrat State Party have pulled every dirty trick in the books. … They have changed the rules mid-game, using COVID scare as a cover, but their chicanery is so overt, the curtain has been pulled back on their thug tactics.”

Massive Voter Fraud In Wisconsin? [Updated]. John Hinderaker – “one of two things is true. The first is that Wisconsin experienced a voter turnout that neither it nor any other state has ever come close to in the modern era, on behalf of the worst candidate nominated in the modern era. The second is that the Democrats used voter fraud on a massive scale to stake a claim to Wisconsin’s electoral votes.”

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