Good election for ‘recreational’ drugs

Americans Won, Pollsters Lost. Daniel Greenfield – “The media’s lies shatter against the courage of a nation.”

Every Democrat disaster, like the disasters in the Soviet Union, began with an ideology putting its utopian theories over the blunt realities of human nature. And the polls created a hall of mirrors, an echo chamber, in which everything that the Democrat elites believed was true.

The Polls Lied, the Election Theft Begins Now. Ibid – “The endgame was always going to come down to a wave of ballots that would appear out of nowhere in just the right number.” … “The ultimate question on the ballot was whether the American people would allow themselves to be lied to.”

Election night reveals three disturbing facts. Dex Bahr – “Election night revealed a few disturbing items that should trouble freedom-loving Americans. … First that the race is even this tight speaks to disturbing number of Americans who are woefully uninformed. Second, Fox News has gone over to the dark side, or, rather, the left. And third, the level of coordination to make this race close is stunning.”

via Instapundit – John Ellis in the WSJ: Woke Universities Lead America to a Primitive State: Higher education now stands for mob rule, civic ignorance and contempt for truth and free inquiry.

Nevada too close to call and no more data expected until Thursday. Marijuana use has several more states and Oregon has gone whole hog on street drugs. Most of the Nevada propositions to limit freedom and restrict liberty have passed.

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