Rule or Govern: that is the question before the voters.

The DOJ’s Lawsuit Against Yale Is How To Win The Culture War. Sumantra Maitra – “For the first time in decades, the diversity bureaucrats dividing the country on the basis of race, class, and sex are worried about losing federal funding and being sued.” … “In a Bengali poem, one verse roughly translates to “the maddening rage of a caged impotent.” It fits the left’s reaction to the Trump administration’s executive order banning critical race training in federal departments and lawsuit against Yale University for discrimination against white and Asian applicants.”

How To Stop Schools From Replacing True Virtue With Leftist Virtue Signaling. Louis Markos – “After purging public schools of Judeo-Christian virtues, the left replaced them with five pseudo-virtues: tolerance, inclusivism, egalitarianism, multiculturalism, and environmentalism.”

“Had our secular schools really jettisoned virtue altogether, then their students would have noticed the absence and awakened from their moral stupor. We are, after all, creatures made in the image of a holy God who is himself the standard of virtue and who is the author of our desire to reach for that standard. Yes, we are fallen now and depraved, but that desire, that innate yearning to enact the virtuous behavior for which we were created, persists.

The best and most effective way to get rid of weeds is to grow and nurture very healthy grass. If the grass is healthy and strong, the weeds will not take root.

It is the same with virtue. The best way to expose the smallness, meanness, and ultimate ineffectiveness of the pseudo-virtues is to build up in young people a passionate love for the real virtues. Let them come to know, experience, and love transcendent, time-tested, traditional virtues, and the pseudo-virtues will lose their charm and appeal.

Big Tech Censorship Is Driving These Moms To Trump. Katy Faust – “One mom shared that, six months ago, she saw herself as a ‘solid centrist.’ But ‘there’s no middle anymore.’ She is very concerned about the ‘loss of objectivity’ fueled by a biased media.” … “The Big Tech overlords believe it’s their job to determine what you see and as a result, how you should vote. But contrary to what Twitter may think, Jack doesn’t know best. Mother does.”

Media Titans Are Misleading The Public About The Biden Scandal. James D. Agresti – “Twitter’s brazen falsehood only scratches the surface of media misinformation about this matter. In addition to spreading outright fictions, media outlets are failing to present key verified facts that are necessary to see the big picture. These facts — which are documented in the following bullet points — build upon each other and implicate Joe Biden in a web of corruption that involves bribery, extortion, and obstruction of justice:”

Biden Looked Normal At The Debates, So Why Does He Appear Senile At Most Other Times? I & I Editorial Board – “The media also tried to cover for him. They responded like a toddler making up things after he was caught painting the family dog or stealing brownies. … The attempt to spin Biden out of trouble is pathetic.” … “America deserves better than a president who is likely to soon become incapacitated, leaving the White House in the hands of progressives who would rule rather than govern under constitutional restraints.”

“You Better Apologize For That!”: Rudy Giuliani Goes Nuclear On Fox Host After Christopher Steele Comparison. Tyler Durden – There’s all kinds of malfeasance or incompetence in the media. Here is another blatant example.

Is the Orchard Really Sentient and Is the Sky Really Filled with Flying Monkeys? Don Boudreaux – “Recently I came upon – I forget where and in what context – a reference to the talking trees and  flying monkeys in The Wizard of Oz. … The world to me today – or, rather, my sense of it – is usefully explained with reference to those scary scenes.”

Trumpism: Then, Now—and in the Future? Victor Davis Hanson – “Like it or not, Trump hit on a great truth that no country can write off its vast industrial interior, destroy its borders, or prefer managed decline over renewal, and meanwhile call itself moral.”

The Landslide America Will Be Glad to Have. Al Perrotta – “An election prediction: Something has broken over the nation in the past couple weeks. And that’s a good thing.”

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