The man from Queens

Debate Recap: Trump Was in Command While Biden Told a Bunch of Whoppers. Tyler O’Neil – “Trump cleaned Biden’s clock on a few issues, while Biden more frequently hoisted himself on his own petard. The president did a good job of standing back and letting Biden dig himself into a hole. When Trump called him out on previous statements Biden had made, the Democrat merely claimed he never made those statements.” How can there be any profitable discussion when one side is in total denial of what is on record? As requested by Biden, “President Trump did not wait until Friday to post the video, however. He tweeted a video of both Biden and Harris promising to ban or “phase out” fracking and fossil fuels.”

3 Ways Donald Trump’s Debate Performance Will Affect The Race. Christopher Bedford – “These three points were clear victories for the president, likely to cut through the noise and directly reach Americans in the last two weeks of the election.” … “Biden: “I don’t know where this guy comes from.” Before he can get to the next part of his statement, Trump quietly goes “Queens.””

The Donald’s Second-Half Comeback Against A Razor-Sharp Biden: Was It Enough? Bob Maistros – “despite a strong comeback, the president, to channel Lloyd Bentsen, was no Gipper. But did he do enough to stagger his opponent and better position himself to win? … The final scorecard is in the hands of American voters. But from this commentator’s perspective: a draw. At best.”

Is The Biden Scandal The Reason Democrats Pushed Voters To Cast Ballots Before Election Day? I & I Editorial Board – “The scandal also shows why it’s important everyone should cast their ballot on a single day, legitimate absentee voters aside. Millions voted while missing critical information that emerged only three weeks before the election. We’d bet many would change their votes now, but they’re stuck with their choices, thanks to the Democratic meddling in the election process.”

Tyler Durden: Blockbuster Report Reveals How Biden Family Was Compromised By China. Trump’s Fault? The “COVID Killer” Claim By His Opponents That Defies Reason. “It’s as if the claim, which borders on insanity and is devoid of any logic or real evidence, has been generally accepted as the truth across wide swaths of the country. The Democrats’ own platform says it in no uncertain terms” … “If we’ve learned anything about the politicization of COVID these past nine months, it’s that media ‘spin’ rooms might as well have padded walls.”

Jaw-Dropping Report Details Chinese State-Owned Company’s Partnership With Biden, Kerry Families. Jennifer Van Laar – “A nearly 60-page intelligence report dated October 2 and provided to RedState late Wednesday details the relationship between multiple Chinese State-Owned Entities (SOE’s) and companies owned by Hunter Biden, Chris Heinz (stepson of former Secretary of State John Kerry), Devon Archer, James Bulger, and suspected Chinese intelligence asset Michael Lin.”

Biden Business Associate Tony Bobulinski Drops Another Bomb Right Before Debate. Nick Arama – “Not only does this put paid to any efforts by media or Democrats to dismiss the information as fake or disinformation, but this shows the Dems and a lot of the media almost covered up incredibly important information like this in order to try to help Biden and now it’s all blowing open.”

The Media’s Shameful Hunter Biden Abdication. National Review – “the managing editor of one of the nation’s largest publicly funded media organizations believes emails possibly implicating a presidential front-runner in having benefited from deals involving his shady son who was leveraging the family name and proximity to power for millions are nothing but a distraction.”

The Only Protection From Government-Approved Mobs. Patrick Garry – “Two terrible things took place during the urban riots of 2020. First, violent mobs roamed cities, terrorizing residents of those cities. And second, local government became a complicit partner with those mobs.”

“Frequently in our political discourse, the Second Amendment is cast as an unjustified right that only leads to killings and assaults by violent criminals. But the events of 2020 demonstrated a much different aspect of the Second Amendment. The Second Amendment did not facilitate the violence; the right to keep and bear arms did not lead to the destruction. Instead, it was the Second Amendment that provided the only means by which victims of violent mobs could defend themselves and their property.

Nine Simple Steps to Better Schools. Kevin Donnelly – “History proves how prescient the Black Paper and Educating Australians were in warning about the dangers of implementing a dumbed-down, substandard and politically correct school curriculum.”

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