Onslought of pretty ideas that destroy

Trump’s Greatest Accomplishments Are What He Hasn’t Done. Mollie Hemingway – “Under immense pressure by the media and other Democratic operatives, at a time when nearly all global leaders were using the pandemic as an excuse to seize greater control, Trump did not.”

“At no time has any member of Big Media raised significant concerns about the violations of Americans’ constitutional rights, governors’ power grabs, or the risks posed to democratic governance. In fact, the media have gone after Republican governors who were less restrained in their violations of citizens’ rights, claiming they were bloodthirsty monsters. “Georgia’s Experiment in Human Sacrifice,” was the headline of The Atlantic’s article claiming that Republican Gov. Brian Kemp was overseeing, well, human sacrifice, by not using his power to shutter businesses more.

Ben Shapiro put out a video explaining why he’s voting for Trump this year after not having voted for him in 2016. In the middle of a litany of policy successes, he said, “He’s resisted using the federal government to control everybody’s life during COVID. That’s a big thing. This is the biggest government power grab during my lifetime, and Trump refused to do it.”
The left keeps claiming, all evidence to the contrary, that Trump is going to seize power.

Even As Media Work To Ignore It, Biden Scandal Just Keeps Growing. I & I Editorial Board – “The false assertion the media used to not report on growing evidence of salacious and likely criminal activity emerging from Hunter Biden’s laptop was that it was “unverified.”

Here is How Joe and Hunter Got Paid. Shipwreckedcrew – “The media has propagated a fictional account of why Biden demanded Shokin’s firing, and that account has been repeated over and over again to the point that it is now conventional wisdom.”

Facebook Whistleblower Exposes “Hate-Speech Engineering” Group, Staffed With Chinese Nationals; NYPost. Tyler Durden – “The ex-insider said the team teaches algorithms to push specific content to the top of a newsfeed while other content gets shifted “dead-last.” … “What is troubling, is how foreign nationals, ones from China, are working on Facebook’s social media censorship team that can directly impact how tens of millions of Americans think.”

5 Big Problems With The New York Times Investigation Of Amy Coney Barrett’s Children. Jayme Metzgar – “Why did the newspaper of record deem it worthwhile to launch a three-week investigation into the life stories of a Supreme Court nominee’s minor children?” … “While it makes no concrete accusations against the Barrett family, the story casts subtle aspersions against their adoption through the inclusion of several generalized details, devoid of context.”

UK Minister: Teaching White Privilege And Critical Race Theory In Schools Is Illegal. Jordan Davidson – “Badenock denounced teaching the ideology of Black Lives Matter and critical race theory as uncontested facts.”

The Shoddy Research Behind the Massacre Maps. Michael Connor – “The history both projects use comes from the same source, the Australian Research Council-funded Colonial Frontiers Massacre Project” … “Research which The Killing Times and the university academics are praised for is based on a single, shoddy secondary source.”

This is interesting in light of the Outrage over Gal Gadot portraying Cleopatra gets the history wrong — and flies in the face of what acting is meant to accomplish. Ed Driscoll cites a section including “The indigenous people of Egypt are the Copts, who still exist as a persecuted minority in their homeland.” i.e. the experience of ‘indigenous people’ in Australia or the Americas is not unique and not restricted to Western imperialism or colonialism.

The Dangers of Politicized History. Bruce Thornton – “We are now seeing the consequences of 50 years of the Left’s academic malfeasance.” … “The universities, of course, have been the seed-bed of such propaganda.”

James Lileks review of modern thought:

“At some point in a pandemic, the suspicion of infection morphs into the presumption of infection. That’s smart if it’s bad and widespread and raging. Hospitals overwhelmed, the sick hacking on every street, clinic corridors jammed with the rheumy victims, cordwood stacked like bodies in the morgue, or something. But this is not that. What’s more, this was never that. It was apparent months ago that this is not that. It’s not mild flu, but it’s not that.


Cafe Hayek quote of the day: “is from page 185 of Steven Pinker’s 2018 book, Enlightenment Now:

With the shift from a manufacturing to a service economy, many social critics have expressed nostalgia for the era of factories, mines, and mills, probably because they never worked in one.

The final four weeks of the campaign will be fought over re-opening the economy. Thomas Lifson – “Sacrificing the economy, the education of our children, and our collective mental health for the purported purpose of slowing the spread of a disease that is survived by more than 99% of those under 70 who contract it is no longer tolerable, and President Trump is waging his presidential campaign on ending the madness.”

Why it’s important to remember Rathergate. David Lanza – “This anniversary carries implications for how we receive news, how political campaigns are conducted, and the credibility of almost everything we see or hear from the media.”

The Full Crowley. Victor Davis Hanson – “Whether these journalists know it or not, in the American mind they are already retired before they have even retired.”

The Accidental Defender of the Constitution. Federalist Society Review, Volume 21 – A Review of Defender in Chief: Donald Trump’s Fight for Presidential Power, by John Yoo,  https://us.macmillan.com/books/9781250269577.

‘The Melania Tapes’ reveal she’s even cooler than we thought. Amber Athey – “Stephanie Winston Wolkoff and CNN made a major miscalculation.”

The Art of Propaganda. Bunky Mortimer – “How did Germany, arguably the most cultured and civilized nation in Europe, degenerate so quickly?”

Do Masks Really Work? Here’s What the Charts Tell Us. Matt Margolis – “The best way to answer this question is to look at how mask mandates have impacted infection rates. So, let’s do that.”

The Privilege of the ‘Ladies Who Lunch’. Bruce Bawer – “For voters who make voting decisions on aesthetic grounds, Biden is the electoral equivalent of comfort food.”


Trump Is Now One With Countless Essential Workers. Victor Davis Hanson – “President Trump has no reason to apologize for getting sick. He took risks to meet the obligations of his office and is now one with the millions who do the same thing, every day.”

What the pandemic has taught us about science. Charles Rotter – “The scientific method remains the best way to solve many problems, but bias, overconfidence and politics can sometimes lead scientists astray”


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