Talking out of both sides of the mouth – at the same time. It’s confusing

There is what appears to be a decent FAQs on Protecting Yourself from COVID-19 Aerosol Transmission at Google Docs. There is a caveat that shows in the section on masks. It fails in that the assertion that “7.1. Do masks work to reduce the aerosol spread of COVID-19? – Yes! The physics are well understood.” by not addressing the two basic misleading premises. The first is the presumption of guilt in assuming a contagious environment. This is the basis for the shaming going on. The other is the gross data that does not really support the effectiveness of mask wearing in the general public. They do mention that “The effectiveness of a mask depends on two main factors: how well it fits and how well the material filters out aerosols of different sizes.”

Another issue with the recommendations and conclusions declared in the document is the binary logical fallacy. Relative risks and costs get short shrift. Safe or not is the standard used and that is avoiding the real issue at hand. There is much good information but it is not gospel and needs proper skepticism and qualification.

Left Can’t Decide If It Wants Trump to Die of the Virus or If He’s Lying About Being Sick. Daniel Greenfield – “It really says something about the current state of politics and lefty social media influencers that the response to the President of the United States being diagnosed with the coronavirus” … “The choice between conspiracy theories and outright hate is an obvious positive diagnosis for the Dem’s Trump Derangement Syndrome.”

“Some want him dead, others believe he’s not really sick. It’s a reality distortion field so intense that morality and sanity can’t survive its pressure and emerge as diamonds of hate and conspiracy theories. And so Michael Moore can, at the same time, suggest that Trump isn’t really sick, that he’s sicker than we’re told, that he put people’s lives at risk, that it’s a hoax, and that hopefully he dies from the virus that he doesn’t have.

TDS isn’t just hate. It’s personal derangement. It isn’t bounded by any mere fact or sense of reality, but by utter raving hatred.

The object of that hate can be seen as sick and not sick at the same time, because the facts don’t matter, only the emotional validity of the hatred does.

Texas State Rep: Hard to Imprison Trump If He Dies from Coronavirus. Breitbart Texas – “Texas House of Representatives member Gene Wu (D-Houston) lamented on Twitter Friday evening that it would be “hard to serve a prison sentence” if President Donald Trump dies of Coronavirus. Not long after, the tweet was deleted and replaced with well wishes for a full recovery.” It’s not the President’s illness that should be the big worry here.

Stephanie Winston Wolkoff, Monster. Rod Dreher – “If you’re mad at Melania Trump for what she said, okay, but you ought to be furious that someone betrays the confidence of a friend and employer (and for such a trivial reason!), and that a major news network went along with it.” … “humiliating her with this kind of betrayal makes the world a more vicious, and dare I say totalitarian, place.” … “There is a reason why, in his Divine Comedy, Dante put traitors in the deepest pit of hell: because the radical loss of trust made society impossible.”

“But what Stephanie Winston Wolkoff has done is truly monstrous. If you know her, or are her friend, you are now on alert as to the kind of person she is. Once more, that CNN rewards a wretched betrayal like this is a sign of degraded standards — and sign that they are helping to bring about a world in which selling out a friend by exposing intimate private conversations, for the sake of advancing a political cause, is our new norm. Seriously, folks: think about the kind of social order that we are bringing into being with stunts like this.

It won’t stop with the betrayal of Melania Trump’s confidence. Mark my words. This puts everybody on notice that even close friends will instrumentalize your friendship and sell you out to the highest bidder, for the sake of political advantage and personal advancement.

Why Is President Trump in the Hospital? Brian C. Joondeph – “Several reasons. He is infected and potentially contagious. He is not living in a small house … The China virus is funny in that it can cause those infected to crash quickly … Last is the treatment itself” … “The Regeneron cocktail, rumored to be called the Covfefe Double Shot”

“How common is hospitalization for someone Trump’s age with the Wuhan flu? Trump’s age group has a rate of hospitalization of 12 per 100,000, compared to 16 per 100,000 for someone Joe Biden’s age. For both, the odds are relatively low.

Looking at it another way, compared to a college-aged kid, Trump has a fivefold higher rate of hospitalization and a 90-fold higher risk of death. For his campaign opponent, those rates are eight times and 220 times, respectively.

Hopefully this antibody cocktail works as it has in the studies, where “those who got Regeneron’s experimental therapy had lower virus levels in the bloodstream seven days later compared with patients who received a placebo.” While there are no guarantees, the odds favor a full recovery for the president.

Send thoughts and prayers to the president and don’t listen to the hair-on-fire media hardly able to contain themselves with ideas of Trump dropping out of the race.

A Case Study in Punitive Liberalism. Steven Hayward – “No wonder the council is hostile to business. Even the smallest shop is exploitative capitalism. The council’s loudest voices are running a “revolution.” Only in a city made so prosperous by hated capitalism could this intellectual Ponzi scheme be tolerated or seem without consequences.”

Some Additional Clues Come From The Breonna Taylor Grand Jury Recordings. Jazz Shaw – “given all of the testimony describing what actually happened, why would anyone offer the jury that option? It remains a case that the prosecutors seemed destined to lose if they attempted to charge the cops in Taylor’s death.”

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