Nefarious purposes

Democrats Are Fighting Trump’s Judges Like Never Before, But Trump’s Still Winning. Ilya Shapiro – “The average Democrat has voted against nearly half of all Trump judicial nominees, while the average Republican voted against fewer than 10 percent of Obama nominees and — get this — since the turn of the 20th century, senators of one party voted against fewer than 2 percent of nominees of the other.”

“It’s a shame that quality nominees are confirmed on party-line votes; only 16 of 53 circuit judges confirmed under Trump have gotten more than 60 votes. But we’ve gotten here because we’re at the culmination of a long trend whereby different legal theories map onto ideologically sorted parties. Federal judges are a big deal, so it’s understandable that senators try to advance or block as many as possible.

It’s a shame that quality nominees are confirmed on party-line votes;

That’s why I’d never tell senators to vote for a nominee they think will do damage to the Constitution and the rule of law.

For senators and citizens alike, it’s absolutely appropriate to question judicial philosophy. Judicial nominations are now properly an election issue, so it’s heartening that voters are paying attention.

Shapiro asserts “President Trump, who wouldn’t have won had it not been for the Supreme Court vacancy created by Justice Antonin Scalia’s death … ” but the controversy there was not court decisions but legislative deference to elections. So this assertion seems to do more to assert bias than fact. It is the sort of bias that the facts Shapiro presents regarding partisanship in judge confirmations show as a significant new source of conflict. Ideology should be a minor issue in judge confirmations but now it is a major one because the judiciary is being used as a means to promulgate laws that cannot pass Congress. That is why his sop about “do damage” is hypocritical because what he notes has nothing to do with “damage to the Constitution and the rule of law” but rather to political ideology and party power. The damage being done, the damage that has prompted Shapiro’s observations, is about damage to a judiciary that has been destroying its credibility that the current administration is trying to address.

Cortez Masto: ICE detention center in Pahrump appears clean, but underscores immigration enforcement ‘is just broken’ by Michelle Rindels and Democrats ask court to block ‘fatally flawed’ Trump lawsuit against Nevada’s expanded mail voting for 2020 election by Riley Snyder provide two examples about why Shaprio’s observations are important. In both these cases, what was ‘good’ under the previous administration is now evil complete with hyperbole and exaggeration. Both involve the judiciary and law enforcement that is being pushed for partisan ends. For background, see More Illegal Aliens Charged for Voter Fraud in the 2016 Presidential Race, Bronson Stocking – “It’s now Sep. 2020, and the feds are still uncovering voter fraud in the 2016 presidential election. … The charges come as “fiery-but-mostly-peaceful” Democrats deny the existence of voter fraud and clamor for vote-by-mail.”

Why Did The Atlantic Think It Could Get Away With Its Trump Smear? Every Other Media Outlet Did. Daniel Greenfield – “ There’s an entire industry in smears targeting President Trump sourced through publishing and the media that are based on anonymous sources.”

“In the post-truth, post-fact, and post-journalism era, the media is just a bunch of anti-Trump campaign ads, rolling out opposition research from anonymous sources and then complaining that Facebook will let Republicans “lie” about Biden in Facebook ads, and demanding that the debates have a fact-checker waiting on hand.

This sort of hypocrisy is absurdly silly and hideously dishonest at the same time.

The nefarious purpose behind The Atlantic’s ‘Trump and the military’ hoax. Andrea Widburg – “The fact is that the truth was never important. All that was important was to get the story out there to help Biden hide the military-related uglies in his past..”

Do Democrats Understand What They Are Supporting? Danusha Goska – “A popular Facebook meme suggests mass Democrat confusion, or complete Democrat denial.” – Long piece with citations and references supporting its thesis.

“The meme is rife with grammatical and punctuation errors, but, more importantly, it is a pack of lies. Perhaps the thousands who shared it think that their party is the party of the working man, of patriotism and fair play.

There is another, more diabolical possibility: those who shared this meme are consciously participating in Orwellian brainwashing attempts. War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Today’s Democratic Party is not extreme.

Let’s take the meme point by point [and Goska does, in detail]

Never forget Kamala Harris’ cruel lies in the Kavanaugh confirmation fight. Carrie Severino – “Kavanaugh appeared to have no idea what she was talking about, but he was astute to the Democrats’ tactic of setting perjury traps that would lead him into making inconsistent statements that could later be spun as lies.”

Feds begin prosecuting rioters in Portland. Paul Mirengoff – “Federal prosecutors have started filing civil disorders charges against violent protesters in Portland, Oregon. They are filing the charges under a federal statute enacted in 1968 in response to the rioting of that era.”

“It’s interesting, I think, that the Congress that passed this statute was controlled by Democrats. In 1968, the GOP was outnumbered in both chambers to a much greater degree than it is now.

Back then, Democrats were serious about stopping riots. These days, they prefer to give rioters space to destroy. That space is turning out to be wherever the hell they please.

In addition, charges have been filed under the same statute in half a dozen other cities, according to the Oregonian.

It is also interesting that this administration is not engaged in the ‘federal troop invasion’ so emphatically accused by the Left but rather by quiet, careful, imaginative law enforcement. … “the 1968 statute is on the books and, in my view, should be used when local authorities aren’t adequately protecting the rights that statute is intended to vindicate”

Trump Deserves Re-Election For This Alone. John Hinderaker – “The memorandum bans all agencies from “training” their employees in critical race theory or white privilege. It is a thing of beauty. Here is the memo, in its entirety. It is also embedded below.”

Flynn Case Update: Defense, DOJ and Amicus Agree on Expedited Resolution Schedule. Sundance – “As a consequence the proposed date for court appearance, and hopeful final disposition, are: Sept: 23, 24, 28, 29.” The fly in the ointment here is the amicus – highly unusual, potentially illegal, and indicative of a judiciary exceeding its authority.

Morens’ and Fauci’s nutty Gaia religion. Lubos Motl – “Search for the words “extreme” and “harmony” in the article to obtain some of the most characteristic examples of “ideas” that are actually driving them.” … “A big part of the article contains these stunning far left declarations. They keep on repeating because the authors must share the belief that a lie repeated 200 times becomes the truth.”

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