Trump Devastates Democrats’ ‘Soul-Crushing Conformity’ and Savior-Complex in RNC Speech. Victoria Taft – “President Trump took full aim at rioters, lawless cities, and the Democrats’ savior-complex in his acceptance speech for the Republican presidential nomination on Thursday, the final night of the four-night convention.”

“CNN criticized the setting, the separation of the chairs, and even the audience, which included people not wearing masks, yet keeping socially distanced. The network and detractors took Trump to task for using the presidential workplace for a political event

NPR: Trump’s mentioning God is a dog whistle to ‘fearful’ white people

Here’s one example in which NPR seemed to take issue with the president. Note the hair-splitting and racial overtones.

The president expanded on the Democrats’ seeming embrace of the “anarchists and agitators” who enforce “speech codes and soul-crushing conformity.”

Democrat standard-bearer Joe Biden was out quickly with a reaction to the president’s speech, taking Trump to task for – wait for it – the rioting in the streets.

Trump’s Soaring and Stinging Substance – Sadly Subdued. Bob Maistros – It appears that the speech was too presidential and not sufficiently Trumpian for Maistros. Maistros seems yet to learn that one needs to be careful criticizing the production before it is done when DJT is the producer and director.

Trump goes scorched earth in RNC 2020 acceptance speech: Michael Goodwin – “Trump threw so many punches at his opponent that, had it been a real heavyweight boxing match, the referee would have stopped it in the middle rounds out of mercy.” … “The only question was whether the pounding was too brutal for those swing voters in the swing states the president is courting.”

Four More Years! John Hinderaker – “Trump’s acceptance speech was the one that mattered. It could, and should have been better.” … “In sum, I think President Trump got some benefit from the GOP convention. By all accounts, it outclassed the Democrats’ effort in style as well as substance. It will be interesting to see whether there is a bounce. If so, I expect it to be small.”

President Trump Offers a Choice Between Loving and Destroying America. Daniel Greenfield – “The “People’s President” gives Americans back their country. Will they take it?” … “President Trump and the array of speakers for the fourth night did not deny that we are a nation in crisis, instead they lit a torch to light the nation’s way out of the tyranny of terror and lies.”

5 Things to Know About Night 4 of the Republican National Convention: Trump’s Powerful Speech. Tyler O’Neil – “Alice Marie Johnson … A bereaved widow speaks against the BLM riots … Ben Carson channels Abraham Lincoln … Millennials for Trump … And the main event: Donald Trump”

Chaos Erupts In DC After GOP Convention; Rand Paul And Wife Chased Down Street By BLM Protesters. Tyler Durden – protesters? Really? Aggravated assault, vandalism, and such behavior is protesting?

Antifa’s ‘Riot Kitchen’ gets busted. Monica Showalter – “Who would have guessed that Antifa had its own soup kitchen to come to after working up an appetite after a hard day’s rioting?” … “Turns out the “Riot Kitchen,” — yes, it’s really called that — may have had some unusual cuisine on its menu:”

“Most likely, based on the report, the ‘vehicles’ described were the Riot Kitchen’s two vehicles, having raised lots of money (but not quite their goals) on GoFundMe, which is turning out to be quite a useful means of getting cash from anonymous and small fry donors, under the banner of “mental health support” with this pitch to the gullible and maybe not so gullible:

The project is a signal of the vast logistical network of these rioters, something that shows they’re organized, and as their aim is to support criminals, part of a conspiracy. An army marches on its stomach, as Napoleon once said, and Antifa itself is an army.

See below for more about GoFundMe’s rather peculiar ideas of appropriate project to fund.

The Michael Flynn Saga Reveals Democrats’ Near-Coup Use Of Federal Power. Margot Cleveland – “Obama administration holdovers and partisan career employees succeeded in causing the ouster of the new administration’s pick for national security advisor.” … “the criminal case is but half the scandal, and the mostly unexamined portion of the plot to force Flynn’s ouster from the Trump administration threatens a more lasting harm to our constitutional republic and the peaceful transition of power.”

Philly Got a Soros DA, Its Murder Rate is the 2nd Highest in the U.S. Daniel Greenfield – “Soros killed a lot more black people than the police.” … “Krasner has dropped two-thirds of felony cases, 37% of illegal gun cases, and 44% of drug cases, while 60% of shooting cases have ended in a dismissal.” See also Virginia Senate passes bill allowing assaulting a police officer to be a misdemeanor.

Lefty media and pols have fallen into a Kyle Rittenhouse trap. Thomas Lifson – “For reasons it did not explain but likely related to these labels, GoFundMe removed accounts set up to fund a legal defense for Rittenhouse” … It’s beginning to look like a Sandman part deux.

“Lin Wood, the superlawyer who has won settlements for Nick Sandmann, stepped up with an offer to defend Rittenhouse after GoFundMe denied hm the opportunity to raise money, and now there is a place where donations can be made. But Wood’s specialty is not criminal law, it is defamation cases, and the odds are good that he has ample scope for raising a lot of money for Rittenhouse.

The wheels of justice turn very slowly, so we will have to wait some time for verdicts in the criminal proceedings against Rittenhouse, if they continue to be pressed. But I expect Lin Wood already is gathering evidence for libel lawsuits over the hasty and ill-advised labeling of Rittenhouse as a white supremacist and white nationalist.

Coronavirus Contextualized, 20th edition: Exploring, through data, COVID-19 in Nevada and beyond. Megan Messerly – Obsessed with numbers? Try these:

“Statewide, there have been 2,218 COVID-19 cases reported for every 100,000 residents, meaning about 2.2 percent of the state’s population has tested positive for COVID-19.

The seven-day average daily test positivity rate was 15.8 percent on Thursday, down from a high point of 26.2 percent on Aug. 5,

The data show that the state hit a high point of deaths on Aug. 20, when the seven-day average of new deaths reported each day was 20.7. Since then, there have been some day-to-day fluctuations, however the number of new deaths reported each day have generally decreased, sitting at 14.3 as of Thursday.

As of Wednesday, the most recent day for which hospitalization data is available, there were 727 people hospitalized with COVID-19, down from a high point of 1,165 hospitalizations at the peak on July 31.

The population of the state is just over three million with 75% in Las Vegas. These numbers of around a thousand in this or that category are talking about 1 for every 3,000 people. At that rate, the odds of you being personally acquainted with someone in one of those categories is rather small.

Is The Coronavirus Crisis Finally Over? I & I Editorial Board – “overall weekly deaths, which have been inflated due to COVID-19 fatalities, have almost converged with the roughly horizontal line that shows the average expected number of deaths.” … “we’re upbeat, buoyed by the facts, and Leavitt’s experience- and knowledge-based observations. We hope policymakers will look at the data and find it as compelling as we do. We don’t need the “new normal” that many insist we learn to live with but a return to the normal we had before the pandemic frightened officials into panicked decisions.”

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