Oh! The irony.

Last Week, then This Week …

The Stench of Mendacity at the Democratic Convention. Conrad Black – “The virtual gathering was an unintended profession of the total moral bankruptcy of the Democratic campaign. There were no positive suggestions, nothing but hatred of President Trump.” … “The opening two nights of the Democratic national convention this week produced the greatest deluge of monstrous political falsehoods in any two evenings of American television history.”

God? Who’s That? John Hinderaker – “Democratic delegates booed God, I believe, during both their 2012 and 2016 conventions. One might have thought that in 2020, with the Democratic convention being virtual, almost entirely scripted and pre-recorded, with no delegates actually present, such spontaneous anti-God demonstrations would no longer embarrass the party.”

The GOP’s ‘Great American Story’ will play well at the ballot box. Roger Kimball – “The Republicans kicked things off in a spirit of affirmation and hope.”

6 Quick Takeaways From Third Night Of Republican National Convention. Mollie Hemingway – “What’s different about this year’s Republican National Convention and the current Republican Party is that unlike all the previous years, everyone seems eager and ready to fight the slurs from the media and other Democrats.”

“Last night, Ari Fleischer commented on how new it was to see large groups of people praising Donald Trump. He said that conventions that repeat platitudes don’t move voters but ones that give people something new to reflect on do.

Because of the media being so hysterically anti-Trump and suppressing the news, this convention is the first time in about four years that non-leftist Americans have seen other Americans reflecting their positive views about Trump and the administration. It’s emboldening for Republican and Independent voters as they prepare for the fall campaign that will surely include many surprises.

Lib Media Ignores Biggest Convention Story: Trump’s Aggressive Outreach To Black Voters. I & I Editorial Board – “Does Team Trump know something that the press is also ignoring: Namely, that he has an opportunity to win black support that Biden desperately needs to win? … Well, consider the material that Biden has given Trump.” … “If Trump does manage to bring more black voters to his side, the press will act shocked and dumfounded. No one else should be.”

From DNC Irony to Parody. Victor Davis Hanson – “The point is not what Democrats say against Donald Trump, or the irony of their rhetoric, but the very fact that their opposition somehow exempts them from the absurdities of their own paradoxes.”

Democrats May Have Violated Civil Rights By Forcing Nursing Homes to Admit COVID-Positive Patients. Tyler O’Neil – “The DOJ’s Civil Rights Division is considering launching investigations under the Civil Rights of Institutionalized Persons Act (CRIPA), which protects the civil rights of persons in state-run nursing homes, among other institutions.”

The Democrats’ Latest Religious Test. Editorial of The New York Sun – “No sooner did President Trump air at the Republican convention Secretary of State Pompeo’s endorsement video recorded in Jerusalem than the Biden camp is unleashing a new objection — that the secretary is too religious to represent all of the American people. We kid you not. This has got to be the most desperate, offensive, and unconstitutional claim against a state secretary that the Democrats have ever aired.”

Lefties trying to get Tucker Carlson fired over Kenosha commentary. Thomas Lifson – “Ankle biting critics, jealous of his status as host of the eponymous top-rated cable news show, seized upon perfectly reasonable comments he made on Wednesday’s edition of his show and launched a campaign to boycott his advertisers” … “His critics distorted his message, falsely claiming he “justified murder” and was “inciting violence”

The Worst Part About Fake ‘Anti-Racism’ Is That It Forces Us To Live Lies. Katya Sedgwick – “America under the sway of the Black Lives Matter movement is reminding me of life in the Soviet Union: One’s entire existence is premised on something believed to be untrue.”

After Kenosha — Divided We Stand. Tom Luongo – “This is a war between radicalized lunatics bathed in unquenchable envy and self-pity and those who refuse to act like victims.”

“In 2016 we tried to tell them, peacefully, enough was enough. We elected Donald Trump, of all people, to be our standard bearer. We did it the way we were taught was the right way, through the ballot box.
The animals I see on the streets under the auspice of what the media calls ‘peaceful protests’ beating people to within inches of their lives for the crime of being white and defending their property have no humanity.

Cornered murder suspect kills himself; mob accuses police of killing him and sets off looting downtown Minneapolis. Thomas Lifson – “Last night offered a warp speed example of mob violence triggered by utterly bogus charges of police misbehavior resulting in the sack of the premier shopping district of a major American city.” … “These were not people stealing out of desperation, these were violent thugs who wanted nice stuff but were unwilling to work and earn and pay for it themselves. Any excuse will do.”

Waking the Sleeping Giant. H.P. Smith – “In recent weeks, not only have we seen some very large holes punched in the narrative of what happened to George Floyd, but we’ve also seen the very thin veil come off, as the “peaceful protests” by Black Lives Matter and Antifa rapidly devolved into perhaps the worst string of violent riots the country has ever seen.”

“What is new is something we’re starting to see happen around the country more and more (but not if you’re watching most of the mainstream media, because they will not show it). We are finally starting to see a pushback by John Q. Public; and I believe we’ll see more as the weeks and months go by.

In Kenosha, The Seeds of Civil War. Scott McKay – “Antifa rioters reap a bitter harvest in a once-placid Wisconsin town.”

“I think the genie is out of the bottle. I think Kenosha showed us a glimpse of it. And I think unless the political class in states like Wisconsin, Oregon, Washington, New York, Minnesota, and elsewhere finally wakes up, the sad fact is it could well require thousands or even millions of Kyle Rittenhouses to put out the fires raging along Lake Michigan and elsewhere.

Chefs’ Awards Cancelled Because Winners are the Wrong Race. Daniel Greenfield – “That’s a little snippet from a New York Times story on the cancellation of the James Beard awards for chefs because the black nominees never made it to the finals.” … “This is the real racism.”

Why Are Medical Authorities Playing Games With COVID Treatments? Deborah Hutchins – “We can no longer avoid questions about the elevation of Remdesivir and suppression of hydroxychloroquine.” … “In trenchant terms, Raoult calls out the journal for publishing studies with such egregious flaws that the practices would not pass muster at his teaching hospital in Marseille.” … “When will we witness unblemished science, probing journalism, and a true commitment to the common good? Alas, Dr. Raoult, they abuse our patience indeed.”

When Panic is Mistaken for Policy. Augusto Zimmermann – “By taking an “at war” approach to fighting COVID-19 – the widespread shutdowns and isolation of the entire population – rather than a “surgical strike” approach focusing on the truly vulnerable, Dr Katz believes that “we have set ourselves on the path of “uncontained viral contagion and monumental collateral damage” to our society and economy.” … “The level of delusional thinking is truly astonishing, although it certainly reveals the authoritarian mindset of politicians who expect extreme obedience and unquestioning submission from the Australian people.”

Nevada continues to encourage close contacts of people with COVID-19 to get tested, despite new federal guidelines. Megan Messerly – “ whether or not they have symptoms” … the testing is being used as a primary tool of the propaganda campaign supporting tyrannical government edicts.

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