particularly rich: hypocrisy, deceit … all the usual

Is There Any Limit To What We’ll Do To ‘Stop Coronavirus’? Bob Anderson – “Until recently — March 2020, to be exact — we could rely on the Constitution and Bill of Rights to constrain government’s control of our lives, but with the arrival of one virus, our legal rights seem to have been deemed irrelevant, completely subordinated to the arbitrary whims of politicians. Apparently, they can do anything now, as long as they proclaim it in the name of “safety.””

The Stunning Gullibility Of ‘Republicans For Biden’. I & I Editorial Board – “Their gullibility and naivete are a wonder to behold.” … “Flake calling Trump not a conservative is particularly rich, given that Trump has done more to advance the conservative agenda – on economics, foreign policy, social issues – than any president, including Ronald Reagan.” … “One of the worst features of the “Republicans for Biden” contingent, however, is the fact that they are excusing the Democrats’ behavior over the past four years.”

Media Ignore Facts, Science To Blame Trump For COVID-19 Deaths. Anna Lynn and James Agresti – “By misusing anecdotes and stripping data of vital context, these media figures have woven a narrative that is at stark odds with reality. As documented below with credible primary sources, the hard facts show that:” Note also the smears and derision that go along with the hyperbolic allegations in the examples used.

HCQ All Over Again: WaPo Trashes Blood Plasma COVID-19 Treatment After Trump Announces Breakthrough. Matt Margolis – “Gee, I wonder why they suddenly had a change of heart.”

“Is this really how it’s going to go every time? The media and the Democratic Party demonized hydroxychloroquine immediately after Trump suggested it could be a gamechanger. Countries that are widely using the drug have lower death rates from COVID-19 than those that aren’t. The left’s fear campaign has cost likely thousands of lives but they don’t care because the worse the United States’ death count looks the better chances there are that Trump won’t get reelected.

Will convalescent plasma meet the same fate as hydroxychloroquine? Is the media that desperate to get rid of Trump they’ll scare the public away from treatments that could save their lives?

Coronavirus in one state (90). Scott Johnson – “One reporter also asked a disparaging question about the FDA emergency use authorization for convalescent blood plasma at about 30:00. Ehresmann gave a good response, but nothing quite as informative as the Power Line reader and internist who wrote us yesterday:”

CNN Unprecedentedly Interrupts President’s Convention Speech to Attack Him. Daniel Greenfield – “and begin a rambling defense of the Democrats under the guise of a ‘fact check’. If the media wants to conduct its editorializing and call them fact checks, the time to do that is after a presidential speech, not during it.”

Democrats and NeverTrump carpetbaggers lie about Trump’s acceptance speech. Andrea Widburg – “When you read the reasoning, you can see that CNN, accidentally or intentionally, confused “objective” facts with “subjective” opinions to justify saying that Trump stated “outright lies.” … The only lie is CNN’s when it explicitly accused Trump of falsehoods. … What the despicable Lincoln Project did, though, was even worse than CNN’s behavior:” … “Trump’s speech was vintage Trump: funny, boastful, a little disorganized, powerful, and filled with love for his country. No wonder the haters were willing to do anything possible to keep people from hearing it.”

Hollywood Celebs Melt Down Over Republican National Convention: ‘Is Anyone Else Throwing Up Right Now?’ David Ng – “Bette Midler, who live tweeted the RNC’s first night, falsely claimed that “Trump delivered zero,” omitting the president’s accomplishments in trade, jobs, immigration, the Middle East, and the border wall.” … “Actors Alec Baldwin, Dave Bautista and Mia Farrow mocked Mark and Patty McCloskey, the St. Louis couple who used firearms to defend their home against Black Lives Matter protestors.” … “Trump nemesis Kathy Griffin mocked the president for inviting former hostages to speak during the convention.” It is rich.

More Random Thoughts When Not Out Protesting. Larry Elder – “Facts to a leftist are like daylight to a vampire.”

“Democrats and the media call Trump a fascist/Nazi/tyrant/Russian asset/mentally unfit/grifter/sexist/racist/xenophobic/homophobic/anti-Semitic/stupid/congenital liar/sex predator/hate monger/illegitimately elected. How dare respected constitutional law professor John Eastman merely ask about the legal status of Harris’ parents at the time of her birth?

Trump accepted his nomination with a rousing speech. Andrea Widburg – “From the start, Trump was on fire. He opened by dropping a hint that, in the Russia Hoax investigation, we should expect more revelations and possibly more indictments.”

“Pivoting to campaign mode, Trump told the audience that a successful country is a unified country.

Trump did not forget the “China virus.” He pointed out that we’ve learned a great deal about the “invisible enemy.” Additionally, Trump said his administration had saved millions of lives with his speedy border closure and a government and business partnership the likes of which hasn’t been seen since World War II.

There’s no doubt that Trump is worried about the Democrat party’s machinations.

Trump rounded out his speech with a laundry list of his accomplishments.

A ragecat GOP convention with a fierce message of ‘fight’. Monica Showalter – “The GOP is getting angry. … But it was a positive anger, one that explicitly targeted the left and all its lies, all its incredible miasmas of power. Several speakers explicitly denounced socialism.” … “First, there were the myth-busters. … Also notable were the COVID first responders … There were also the ringers of tocsin bells,” … “Yes there was uplift in these speeches, but I liked the fighting quality best, the ragecat feeling of it. This is a GOP that intends to fight.”

The RNC Speech From Parkland Shooting Victim’s Father Was Just Stunning. Jazz Shaw – “His daughter Meadow was one of the students killed during the mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida in 2018. ”

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