Phony is all you have?

The Dems’ Phony Election Mail ‘Crisis’ Is Over, But The Real One Remains. I & I Editorial Board – “the postal service has been plagued with delays for years. Back in 2015, a USPS inspector general issued an alert about a “substantial increase in delayed mail.” … “Blaming Trump for routine delays in the mail and spinning up grand Russia-gate style conspiracies was politically expedient. It offered a new line of attack for Democrats, and gave them a reason to contest the results should he win in November.”

Nevada attorney general joins lawsuit against Trump administration over postal service changes ahead of election. Riley Snyder – “Ford, a Democrat, announced Nevada’s participation in the lawsuit on Tuesday afternoon after national reports emerged that a group of more than 20 Democratic attorneys general across the country were mounting legal challenges to proposed changes to mail delivery.” It’s micromanaging and blocking fixes to age old problems just for political hay. Then there’s the special law promoting ballot harvesting in Nevada: “Nevada lawmakers approved a bill in the most recent special legislative session earlier this month allowing for all active registered voters in the state to automatically receive a mailed ballot. That suggests that the brouhaha over updating and managing the USPS is simply a diversion from a planned attempt at ballot fraud and election discrediting.

This New York Diner’s Response to Snitches and the Overzealous Health Department Will Make Your Day. Megan Fox – “The culture of snitching to ruin people’s lives and businesses is despicable and it’s commendable that A.J.’s Family Diner has the guts to call it out.”

DNC Panelist Lays Out the Party’s Plan: ‘We All Want’ the ‘Destruction’ of Capitalism. Alex Parker – “Is it believable that someone would drive to the store, buy markers and poster board, go home and make signs, sit in traffic for an hour, and spend all day yelling words of which they never paused to discover the meaning?”

On Tuesday night at the DNC America was treated to a two-hour marathon of misleading claims, outright lies and hypocrisy. Justin Haskins – unlike the ‘Trump Lies’ crowd, this one provides another list of description and explanation. Notice the absence of axiomatic presumption, hyperbole, and exaggeration.

“Their election strategy for 2020 is simple: Say and do anything possible to beat Donald Trump, regardless of how dishonest they must be to accomplish their goal.

Only time will tell if their plan will be successful.

Democrats are against Trump — but what are they for? Michael Goodwin – “what are they promising voters if they gain the White House? I honestly don’t know.” … “the messages of the first two nights have been long on pain and grievance and short on hope and faith.”

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