Surpassing triviality meets substantial reality

Much Ado About Nothing, Anti-Trump Version. [warn: NR] Conrad Black – “Media Democrats focus on a few non-scandals of surpassing triviality.”

A Reluctant but Unhesitating Vote for Donald Trump. Daniel Pipes – “In 2016, two matters primarily worried me about Donald Trump: his character and his policies.” What is interesting is his citations for worry that also suffer implications of “surpassing triviality” when placed in context or against a real world reference. That is why his ‘worry’ is suffering dissonance as reality is demonstrating the triviality or misperception in its basis.

The Three Dissents in Calvary Chapel Dayton Valley v. Sisolak. Josh Blackman – “Justice Kavanaugh’s dissent cogently explains why the Chief Justice erred in South Bay. The Chief Justice has no response.” … “n the two months since South Bay, Justice Kavanaugh has done his homework. His dissent carefully explains why Nevada’s order is unconstitutional. And he builds upon his South Bay dissent in important ways. I think this opinion is his strongest effort since he joined the Court. He brings a clarity to this litigation that has been sorely lacking. Part I of his opinion is six pages. I encourage you to read the entire section. Here, I will briefly summarize it.”

“This case is quite significant. It is regrettable that Chief Justice Roberts did not write separately. We only have a one-sided account in the end. I suspect all future COVID cases will split along the same 5-4 lines.

SCOTUS v U.S. Constitution will continue.

NY Post’s Journalistic Malpractice: Misleading Reporting On Nick Sandmann’s Washington Post Settlement. Mike Masnick – “Of course, the real irony here is that the NY Post and all of these people are doing the exact same thing that they accused the media of doing to Sandmann in the first place: making assumptions without knowing the full details of the context or what actually happened.” This is the bias lesson of the day. It drips but then Techdirt has a reputation to uphold. Note the straw man arguments.

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