Maintain the narrative at any cost (bafflegab?)

They’re Not Really ‘Secret Police’ if We’re All Talking About Them. Stephen Kruiser – “Today we will be revisiting an old nemesis: the false narrative. This week it’s about something that the Democrats and their flying media monkeys are calling the “secret police.”

“This week’s tantrum has taken on an altered reality quality that’s even a bit much for the Dems as they’ve turned the police into a shadow squad of feds that they’re calling the secret police.

Federal police presence is required many of the Democrat-fueled riot cities because the local officials have abandoned their municipal and county police forces, leaving them defenseless in the face of unhinged mobs. Mobs that Democrats and the media are still pretending are peaceful.
As their collective madness worsens, American leftists keep creating boogeymen who don’t exist.

The Big Surge In Coronavirus Deaths Is A Media-Fed Myth. I & I Editorial Board – “the truth is the mainstream press is grossly misleading the public by misreporting the death counts.” … “the worst of the coronavirus “surge” may have already happened and the current panic is being stoked by a negligent mainstream media that are unwilling or unable to understand the data they’re reporting.”

Google blacklists American Thinker and reverses it after its blacklisting of conservative sites is exposed. Thomas Lifson – “After the blacklisting became obvious and generated commentary among conservative publications (and crickets among the dominant MSM propaganda organs), it appears to have been reversed.” … “Google is employing bafflegab to explain away the blacklist, as Rudy Takala of Mediaite reports:”

Ludicrous sexual harassment claims made against Tucker Carlson. Andrea Widburg – “Two women – Jennifer Eckhart, who worked for Fox, and Cathy Areu, who was an occasional guest on Fox shows – filed a lawsuit in Federal court accusing Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity, Howard Kurtz, Gianno Caldwell, and Ed Henry of a wide range of alleged sexual misconduct.”

Spectator uncovers some problems with the allegations against Tucker Carlson. “the complaint has the wrong date but it’s more than that.”

Hostile doesn’t begin to explain press antics at Kayleigh McEnany presser, demands & insults fly. Jon Dougherty – “Nevertheless, problems and issues with mail-in balloting are increasing.”

Will 2021 Be 1984? Victor Davis Hanson – “It’s all about the power, not the equality.” … “Cubans and Venezuelans got poor and killed; woke Chavezes and Castros got rich and murderous.”

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