Mania: Anthems, flags, riots, masks, data, and numbers. What is striking is not so much the objective data, but rather the hysterical reaction

‘The Star-Spangled Banner’ Is A National Anthem To Celebrate, Not Cancel. Joshua Lawson – “As leftists push to abolish ‘The Star-Spangled Banner,’ its inspiring lyrics, potential for beauty, and message of resilience deserve to be cheered.”

“Many on the left now imply, or even openly advocate, that art can only be admired and appreciated if its artist lived a blameless and perfect life. If this were the universal standard, we’d have no art, no architecture, no books, and no music left that would be deemed “suitable” to enjoy.
“The sight of the American flag is a comfort to the hurting, a symbol of hope to millions, and a welcome sight upon returning from abroad. It straightens our backs and swells our hearts. The anthem manages to capture all of these feelings with a soaring melody worthy of our nation’s boundless horizons. America needs more patriotism right now, not less, and the “Star-Spangled Banner” is an essential part of the critical renewal of that great effort.

Portland Was Peacefully Rioting Until the Feds Came In. Daniel Greenfield – “The mayor of Portland and the governor of Oregon have decided that violent leftist thugs should have the right to smash and burn anything they want.”

“The working theory that the violence will stop if the thugs are allowed to run the place hasn’t worked out very well. And the media and their Democrat allies are doing everything possible to shift the subject by falsely claiming that Federal personnel aren’t wearing identification or whining that they’re using unmarked vehicles.
Criminals being arrested by law enforcement personnel in unmarked vehicles isn’t some dystopian nightmare. It’s ordinary undercover policework.
Brown and Wheeler have made it clear that they stand with the vandals, the rioters and the looters.

Media Mask-Mania, Or COVID-19 Groupthink. Tyler Durden – “I never thought I’d hear American liberals proudly denounce supporters of the US Constitution as a “death cult,” nor that I’d actually start to find Donald Trump sounding almost reasonable.” This is quite a rant and covers a lot of territory.

Whither Coronavirus? John Hinderaker – “The numbers suggest that the COVID epidemic is more or less over, as far as fatality is concerned.” Charts and graphs included … “What is striking is not so much the objective data, but rather the hysterical reaction to COVID-19.”

Coronavirus: COVID Deaths Among Children and Reopening Schools. Alex Berezow – here’s a summary of what kills people and the odds of causes of death by age.

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