Credibility gone? Here’s some ideas for you.

Eric Hoffer – “You can discover what your enemy fears most by observing the means he uses to frighten you.”

Five Reasons Public Health Experts Have Lost Credibility. Alex Berezow, Josh Bloom – “Incompetence, waffling, moving the goalposts, disregarding unintended consequences, and being political have hurt Americans’ confidence in their public health institutions.” “Extreme partisanship” is also listed but that one is where the column loses its own credibility by pushing a false assumption of generality. See The Social Justice Cult Really Hates Parler – Here’s Why… (Tyler Durden) for a measure of this false assumption: “The claim by Twitter that they have no political bias is typical leftist misdirection.” … “analysts have shown in the past, conservatives are somehow FOUR TIMES more likely to be accused of “neutral” policy violations than leftists on Twitter.”

Regarding the Wuhan virus, if you think you’re being lied to, you’re right. Andrea Widburg – “politicians – usually Democrats — are using the virus as an excuse to achieve non-virus goals.” … “What’s starting to leak out, though, is that this new data about rising cases and deaths is being manipulated, whether intentionally or accidentally.” … “Here are five stories to remind you that you’re being lied to:”

The Unraveling Narrative Behind The Atlantic’s Defund-The-Police ‘Shooting’ Tale. Christopher Bedford – “A powerful story published by The Atlantic has a serious problem: proof it ever happened.” It’s a takedown of another race baiting hoax, this time presented as Fake News.

The Media’s Jihad Against Sweden’s No-Lockdown Policy Ignores Key Facts. Tyler Durden – “But no matter what the data shows, it is always assumed that lockdowns work well, and the fact that nonlockdown Sweden has a death rate similar to harsh-lockdown France can only be explained by claiming France didn’t lock down harshly enough or long enough.”

Kayleigh McEnany is so effective that the MSM now lying by deceptively editing her comments. Thomas Lifson – “Becket Adams of the Washington Examiner explains and presents multiple examples of lies reported by the propaganda media:”

America’s Reporters and Editors Are Liars. John Hinderaker – “A sound adage holds that you should never assume malice when stupidity is a sufficient explanation. Here, the only explanation is malice. No one is as stupid as America’s reporters and editors pretend to be.”

Democrats Don’t Have the Winning Hand. Conrad Black – “Even with the incessant Democratic media effort to terrify the entire population out of its wits over the COVID-19 pandemic, it will no longer be possible to represent Trump as President Chaos.” … “BLM and Antifa can riot and pillage and desecrate American history, but the people can’t go to school, houses of worship, or public entertainments. The inert, contemptible Democratic big-city mayors are sitting ducks for Trumpian abuse. Who has the winning hand, again?”

Mueller and Weissmann Op-Eds Greatly at Odds With Their Report and Evidence. Aaron Maté – “the Russia investigation’s two lead prosecutors published op-eds in the nation’s top newspapers that fueled the collusion narrative their own investigation failed to validate.” It’s another detailed takedown.

George Will’s over-the-top attack on Donald Trump. Paul Mirengoff – “If we have a gangster government, Will should be able to point to serious crimes committed by members of the administration in their official capacities. Will points to none. Normally, a master of turning a phrase, he is reduced in this column to name calling and hyperbole.” … “I understand that Will dislikes Donald Trump. I don’t like Trump either. But one would have to detest Trump to consider writing an attack piece as superficial as the one Will has produced. And even in that case, one should have the self-discipline not to write it.”


An Historian Explains How ‘Cancel Columbus’ Controversy Came To Be. Silvio Laccetti – “It is time that all people become aware of the hidden origins of this anti-Columbian movement, citing the original instigators, their motives and the propaganda they have used to make a villain out of one of the world’s great heroes.” … “the most significant figure in the Anti-Columbian tempest was the Marxist historian Howard Zinn, whose chapter on Columbus is quoted verbatim by all dissidents.” … “We must understand how, when, where and why this anti-Columbus movement began. Only then can we attack erroneous, agenda-driven history.”

Instapundit NPR broadcast precis – “NPR ran a segment about the scandalous decision of the Trump administration to change the Covid-related reporting that hospitals are now doing.” … “Remember, they say they need taxpayer money and listener donations to support “quality journalism.” This is another case of where an administrative action to streamline processes is under attack in a manner similar to that illustrated above on McEnnany about opening public schools.

Despite Media Hype, Sea Levels Are Not Rising, Flooding Is Not ‘Extraordinary’. H. Sterling Burnett – “It is sad so many people have been hoodwinked by the climate change-flood connection hyped by holdovers from previous presidential administrations at NOAA, who, ever clamoring for more funding, erroneously imply that human climate change is causing increased coastal flooding and rising sea levels. In reality, climate change has little to nothing to do with rising and declining sea levels.”

Apocalypse never. Scott Johnson – “Michael Shellenberger is author of the new book” … “I have posted Jonathan Kay’s podcast with Shellenberger below. They talk global warming, natural disasters, media scaremongering—and why the world is actually getting safer. This seems to me a useful introduction to heterodox thought on the subject for students and others subject who might be open to hearing the other side of the story from someone who used to be a leader of the other side.”

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