Nothing but the wind in the bullshit trees

Media Attacks Trump For A Factual Statement About Law Enforcement And Race. Jordan Davidson – “The media is famous for its attempts to completely assassinate and misconstrue Trump’s words to benefit its agenda and this week was no exception.” … “While one MSNBC reporter even acknowledged that Trump’s statement was true, he still proceeded to criticize him.” … “Others, however, saw the hypocritical treatment Trump received for the statement from the media right away.”

“It’s not merely an assertion; it’s a fact. We’re only surprised by the facts—when someone dares to utter them—because we’ve been brainwashed by the media to believe lies,” one user quipped.
“Trump’s instinct that Americans are tired of the media dividing us into racial groups every 5 minutes is correct. He should stick to it,” quipped David Marcus.
Just this month, the New York Times, the Washington Post, CNN and others criticized and misconstrued President Trump’s speech at Mount Rushmore celebrating Independence Day calling it “dark and divisive” and “inflammatory” despite his words celebrating the Founding Fathers.

The Children’s Book Council and ‘Young Dark Emu’. Joanna Hackett – “A particularly disturbing aspect of _Young Dark Emu_ is Pascoe’s interpretation of the interaction between the British arrivals and the Aboriginal people. His bias is extraordinary.” … “A book that purports to be the truth when in fact it is not has no place in a child’s library ”

“I have also asked the CBCA to consider withdrawing their support for Pascoe’s book and I would encourage those who care about what their children read to do the same. As yet, I have not had a reply.

“So what is going on here?” I ask myself from my coronavirus-induced isolation. “Why is nobody standing up and shouting to the rooftops that Bruce Pascoe has no clothes? What are you all afraid of?”

I listen for an answer but hear nothing. Nothing but the wind in the bullshit trees.

How To Create A Pandemic Panic…And Keep It Going. I & I Editorial Board – “Why the continued panic when we know that the disease is far less lethal than originally feared?”

“If nothing else, the coronavirus pandemic is a textbook example of how to create fear and anxiety that is out of proportion to the threat, and spur panic-induced policies that needlessly kill people (like seniors in New York nursing homes). It also demonstrates how to keep the panic going, even as evidence piles up that the initial fears were wildly exaggerated.
Here are five steps that the got the coronavirus panic started and why it continues to this day.

Trump Just Removed A Major Barrier To Fixing Roads And Bridges. Laura Perrotta – “To be sure, all major construction projects — including ones related to infrastructure — deserve careful scrutiny when it comes to their potential environmental impacts. On the other hand, the duplicative, costly, and time-consuming way in which NEPA is being implemented to create unnecessarily long review periods is in no one’s best interest.”

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