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With Oklahoma Reservation Case, Supreme Court Tells Congress To Keep Its Promises. Joshua Lawson – “The Supreme Court’s ruling in McGirt v. Oklahoma affirms core principles of American justice and constitutional law while also righting a grave wrong.”

“In a 5-4 decision, the court declared in McGirt v. Oklahoma that a vast portion of Oklahoma is Indian country for the purposes of the Major Crimes Act. The ruling, written by Justice Neil Gorsuch, affirms several cardinal precepts of the American republic: that we are to be governed by laws, not men; that promises should be honored, and that might must never be allowed to triumph over right.
The legal question involved in the case was never the guilt of Jimcy McGirt, undisputed by both sides, but whether the land granted to the Creek Nation holds — and should have always been viewed as retaining — its status as “Indian country.”

The dissenters, led by Chief Justice John Roberts, say decades of congressional and demographic intrusions into eastern Oklahoma sufficiently demonstrate the intent of Congress to disestablish the reservation. Yet, as the U.S. Congress never adopted any single statute that explicitly disestablished or terminated the promised reservation status, the majority of the Supreme Court ruled that 19 million acres of eastern Oklahoma is Indian country for the purposes of criminal prosecutions involving American Indian defendants or victims.
Non-Indian residents of eastern Oklahoma are not affected by McGirt, which simply shifts the responsibility of major crimes prosecutions committed by American Indians in Oklahoma’s Indian country from the state to the federal government. The decision also doesn’t change land ownership. Private property is not touched, just as I own the property where my house rests and not my state.
the Constitution does grant Congress the power to fully, explicitly, and brazenly break treaties with Indians in full public view if they so desire and if they have the stomach for it.

This could get interesting in the ‘woke’ era, especially in light of revelations that the Indians involved in the migration from Florida to Oklahoma were prominent owners of African slaves.

Democrats’ Weaponization Of Justice Justifies Roger Stone’s Commutation. Elad Hakim – “Roger Stone was just another pawn that Democrats tried to leverage in order to get to Trump. Once again, they failed.” … “The fact that Democrats are angry at the president’s decision is yet another sign of their abject failure.”

White House Leakers Beware; Mark Meadows Has Been Setting Traps. Tyler Durden – “The Trump administration has been plagued with leaks from establishment loyalists – enemies of the administration who feel its their duty to undermine Trump’s agenda.” words like sedition and treason come to mind… This administration has a reason to be paranoid about information security.

Trump Needs to Scale the Real Wall of 2020. Victor Davis Hanson – “The president should emphasize not just the efficacy of his administration but its effects on real people. Focus on “Restoration 2021.” .. “In truth, the media, the universities, and the Left by weaponizing plague, lockdown and riot had found a winning strategy. ”

“The more Trump was bleeding out from a thousand such nicks, the more his enemies marshaled for the kill, and the more his political supporters hedged their bets.

What then was Trump to do? Three things.
Defend America … offer a blueprint for 2020 that builds upon his proven 2016 economic restoration. … Finally, Trump needs to emphasize not just the efficacy of his administration but its effects on real people.

Instead Of Arresting 300 People Who Broke Into Gated Community, St. Louis Confiscates Terrified Couple’s Unused Defense Rifle. Elizabeth Vaughn – “Rioters are not the victims we need to protect here. But St. Louis’s DA and ‘The View’ cohosts think the couple 300 agitators terrified on their own front lawn are the problem.”

“Although the use of firearms to protect one’s life and property is the reason our founders included the Second Amendment in the Bill of Rights, leftists are questioning the couple’s actions.
Sorry ladies, but a mob of 300 BLM members trespassing through a private neighborhood forfeits their claim to the term “protestors.” The remedies Behar and Hostin suggest are just plain foolish. The McCloskeys told reporters that once they noticed two members of the mob were armed, they armed themselves and called 911. As mentioned earlier, the police never came.
The BLM group members are not the victims we need to protect here. The McCloskeys were entirely justified in their actions. Gardner’s concern over the couple’s threat of force against the “peaceful protestors” is just another politically motivated lie.

It’s just nuts to praise New York’s ‘success’ against coronavirus. Rich Lowry – “This is all perverse given that New York is only now emerging from one of the worst COVID debacles on the planet.” … “The outbreaks in other parts of the country aren’t anything like what happened in New York, at least not yet.”

Dr. Scott Atlas decries ‘ludicrous’ level of ‘hysteria’ among Democrats over school reopenings. Yael Halon – “Former Stanford Medical Center neurology chief insists ‘anyone who prioritizes children would open the schools’”

More Than a Fluke Driving Whales’ Resurgence. David Mason-Jones – “For centuries, seagoing cultures had chased whales, these hunts eventually being conducted on an industrial scale.” … “The part played by a favourable climate and marine environment has been critical in the whale population’s recovery.”

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