The evidence mounts …

Again, What Were The Benefits Of Locking Down? Tyler Durden – “A routine trope in the media is that people who oppose lockdowns are pushing freedom and wealth over safety and health. But as we can see from this clean examination of the results, the open states experienced less economic pain and less pain from the disease itself.”

“We are seeing desperate attempts by politicians, public health officials, and media commentators somehow to make sense of why the United States pursued the course it did with the closures, stay-home orders, travel bans, and near-universal quarantine, in violation of every principle that America has celebrated in its civic culture.

With the evidence coming in that the lockdowns were neither economically nor medically effective, it is going to be increasingly difficult for lockdown partisans to marshal the evidence to convince the public that isolating people, destroying businesses, and destroying social institutions was worth it.

Where are the deaths? Heather Mac Donald – “The drum beat to halt the reopenings gets louder by the day. It should be resisted” … “What virtually every fear-mongering story on America’s allegedly precarious situation leaves out, however, is the steadily dropping daily death numbers — from a high of 2,693 on April 21 to 808 on June 24.”

Via Instapundit, also see UPMC doctor sees too much focus on rising COVID-19 cases, too little on declining severity and hospitalizations and Hospital patients four times less likely to die now than they were in April, Oxford study finds. [caveat: both nagware sites]

Anarchists and Trump’s Reelection. Lloyd Marcus – “bending over and grabbing your ankles and kneeling in worship to an anti-American racist hate group disturbs me.”

“My stomach turns every time I hear conservatives, Republicans, and Christians say we must create meaningful dialog with the protesters to discuss their grievances. The problem is their grievances are purposely rooted in the lie that my beloved country is a racist hellhole. I refuse to pander to that concept. Its like saying we are going to discuss how long you have been beating your wife. You reply, “But I don’t beat wife.” They ignore your reply and proceed forward discussing the solution to your bad behavior.

Conservatives Are Treated like Second-Class Citizens, and That’s Dangerous. J.B. Shurk – “Revolution? How else can you describe this incendiary cocktail of mob violence and flagrant denial of conservatives’ constitutional rights, aided and abetted and kept volatile by Democrat mayors who applaud the mayhem, Democrat prosecutors who refuse to enforce the law, and Democrat-aligned corporations who happily treat conservatives as second-class citizens?”

The left is always destroyed by its lies. Glen K. Beaton – “Once immutable truth is out the window, it’s hard to know from minute to minute the dogma from which dissent is not tolerated. Woe to those who are late in embracing the latest lie.”

The Michael Flynn Case: Harbinger of a Constitutional Crisis? Matthew Spalding – “A great disservice has been done to our country. One man’s due process rights have been violated, and the rule of law for all has been breached.”

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