The Yellow Brick Road

White Self-Hatred and the Cancel Culture. Merv Bendle – “The massive involvement of semi-hysterical young white people is one of the most striking features of this ‘cultural revolution’.”

“In seeking to understand this frenzied phenomenon of ostentatious self-abnegation it is necessary to discuss its ideological and activist origins in the far-left terrorist groups of the Sixties. This venture into history might serve to forewarn where this might all be heading.

What Happens After All The Statues Come Down? The Chavez-ification Of America. I & I Editorial Board – “the rampaging is more than a matter of aesthetics and a breach of polite behavior, with supposedly civilized Americans conducting themselves like savages.”

“Hoover Institution scholar, professor, farmer, and columnist Victor Davis Hanson told Fox News the vandals are “very arrogant. They’re sure of their moral superiority because they’re ignorant and they have no self-doubt.” It’s “true of most revolutionaries,” he continued, “they have no self-doubt and they become cannibalistic in their zeal for perfection, perfection, perfection.”
“Cleansing the past is a dangerous business,” he wrote in 2017. The progressive left “search for more enemies of the past may soon take progressives down hypocritical pathways they would prefer not to walk.”
The hope is it never gets that far, that a core of Americans will show some spine and say enough, no more riots, no more looting, no more mimicking Third World barbarism. We won’t go down that ugly road.

Venezuelan Warns Americans: Statues Coming Down Is Where Revolutions Start. Tim Hains – “the last time I didn’t care about this, I was a teenager. I have already lived through this thing when I was living in Venezuela.” … “You guys think this can’t happen to you, I’ve heard it so many times. But always be on guard.”

Black Lives Matter and Jonestown. Neo – “Jonestown turned into a nightmare, but it was aided and abetted by a combination of the leftist Democratic Party in charge of San Francisco and a pack of even more leftist activists such as Angela Davis.” more for the Bendle article cited above.

Bolton’s Temper Tantrum. Caroline Glick – “It gives me no pleasure to say this: I have known John Bolton for 15 years.” She highlights several problems. A critical one is the dishonesty in making claims that are blatantly not true and without substance.

“As he does in his book, which is due to be released this week, in our meetings Bolton complained that Trump has no foreign policy strategy. But this is simply not true. The consistency of Trump’s foreign policies across the board make clear that the president has a clear and well thought out strategic vision and operational perspective.
This then brings us to Trump’s operational perspective. Trump’s preferred tool for advancing his foreign policy agenda is economic power, not military might.
Bolton never understood what Trump was doing.
in his fury then and now, Bolton overlooked two simple facts.
Rather than embrace the opportunity Trump gave him to have a seat at the table of the world’s most powerful leader, Bolton begrudged Trump’s position at the head of the table. Since leaving office, Bolton has dedicated himself to undermining the president whose only sin was failing to see the world through John Bolton’s eyes.

How did the media get duped — again — on the Bubba Wallace story? John Ziegler – “As reliably as children being fooled by Santa Claus, the news media has once again been duped by an obviously false story that fit their favorite narrative about race.” Tie a loop on the end of a garage pull down rope to make it easier to grab, let it sit for a few years, and, voila! It’s a racist dog whistle.

Blatant official racial discrimination: County orders white people to wear masks in public, exempts ‘persons of color’. Thomas Lifson – “The Constitution and basic concepts of justice are out the window, and we face a grim new normal in which “getting whitey” becomes acceptable behavior from governments.”

Coronavirus Derangement Syndrome. Anthony J. DeBlasi – “Today’s yellow brick road to a coronavirus-free world is as phony as the one Dorothy took to find her way back home (in The Wizard of Oz).”

“Such an astounding disorientation as we are witnessing on account of a virus leaves little doubt that political maneuvering and the hand of corporate media have a lot to do with the oppressive official response to COVID-19. Relying on the mainstream media for all you need to know about this pandemic is to put your faith in their honesty and objectivity. Not for me, thank you, considering the track record.
Far too many have been spooked out of their wits by the dread of “getting the coronavirus,” a fear blown out of proportion by a corporate media that has grown notorious for its dishonesty and heavy leftist bias.

Restoring sanity involves removing the breath-impeding, unhealthy face masks and acting like human beings again. It is time to make a U-turn back to normal. And please drop that phony and insidious tag “new normal.” We are not a new species of human being.

Your Woke Breaking Point. Rod Dreher – “James Lindsay, anti-revolutionary @ConceptualJames: Talking with a brilliant friend last night keyed me into an important idea: everybody has a Woke breaking point, a point where they can’t deny any longer the fact that it’s a totalitarian nightmare. Encourage your sympathetic friends to start naming what theirs would be.”

Don’t be fooled by what the media choose to emphasize. Neo – “…or by what a small group of attention-getting radicals want.”

“In the turmoil we’re now experiencing, many people are afraid. That certainly makes sense – it’s frightening. Just a few short months ago things seemed relatively “normal.” Then COVID came, and now the country seems gripped by riots orchestrated by leftists.
The problem is not what the majority thinks. The problem is the power and dedication of that minority of leftists, black and white, and what they are willing to do and how far they are wiling to go to get their way, as well as the wholehearted cooperation of many institutions of US society in recent years, in particular the MSM, the educational system, and the Democratic Party.

Cases are Not Deaths. Don Boudreaux – “Until very recently the Washington Post, on the first page of its website, tracked, using a bar graph, the daily number of U.S. covid deaths. It has stopped doing so. Now it tracks, on its front page, daily new covid cases.” … “this shift in reporting serves to keep covid fears higher than these would likely be.”

“This biased impression is further worsened by the WaPo‘s practice of reporting, in addition to daily new covid cases nationally, also daily new covid cases of a handful of states – those states that are experiencing especially large increases, relative to other states, in daily covid cases.

On CNN, there’s this: Black Lives Matter protests have not led to a spike in coronavirus cases, research says. It seems the virus knows what is politically correct sufficiently well. Tie that in with the Oregon race based mask edit and with Dana’s howler The More Trump Goes After Biden’s Mental And Physical State, The More We Doubt His Own and you can start to see just how far these people’s view of reality is from what is actually in evidence. The rationalizations offered are instructive of the depths to which the mind can go to hang on to a desired narrative. For more, see Glick (above) and others on Bolton and his new screed. Or maybe try Neil Armstrong Sets Straight an Internet Truther Who Accused Him of Faking the Moon Landing (2000).

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