Another rule of law front gets heavy artillery bombardment

Some Elections Clearly Matter More Than Others. Bob Maistros – “the U.S. Supreme Court – its so-called “conservative majority” bolstered by two Donald Trump appointees – handed down not one, but four decisions on fight-or-die battlegrounds for the right that turned truth, tradition, the law and the Constitution on their heads.” … “what part of the progressives’ agenda cannot be accomplished through continued co-opting of the commanding heights of the courts, corpocracy and culture – against the growing passivity and panic of the Grand Old Party’s grand poohbahs?” – he’s not a happy camper.

Will Justice Gorsuch Now Get an Apology From the Democrats? Editorial of The New York Sun – “Today’s Supreme Court decision protecting Americans from being fired because of sexual orientation certainly makes one thing clear — it is a fool’s errand to predict what a justice is going to do once he is granted life tenure on the high bench.”

Why so much trouble nominating reliably conservative Justices? Paul Mirengoff – “Democrats bat 1.000 when it comes to nominating reliable left-liberals to the Supreme Court. Republicans bat around .500 in nominating reliable conservatives.” … “The point is that there are major differences between the conservative legal movement (if it’s accurate even to speak of one) and the left-liberal one. These differences help explain why Democrats do a so much better job than Republicans of getting their kind of judges and Justices on the courts.”

Supreme Court Redefines Sex, Threatens Freedom of Religion. Daniel Greenfield – “When words don’t mean anything, rights don’t mean anything.” … “And reality itself is under siege in the minds of the men and women who run the country.” … “But words can mean anything and nobody cares about facts anyway.”

“When words mean nothing, rights mean nothing. Rights derive not from foundational documents grounded in eternal truths, but from social trends and the whims of political appointees.

The larger question, the one that Gorsuch so casually loses sight of in Bostock v. Clayton County, Georgia, is where do rights come from. The Declaration of Independence had a compelling answer to that question that enabled Americans to defy the will of a king.

Contemporary judicial activism has pitted religion against equality and we are less equal for it.

Judicial activism began by taking away the equality of Natural Law and replacing it with the inequality of judicial whim which inevitably nullifies whatever good it sets out to create.

Fear in Politics. The unspoken motive. Jack Kerwick – “For all of their (ultimately irreconcilable) differences, the world’s wisdom traditions are of one mind in their insistence that most people prefer UnReality to Reality, the Lie to the Truth. … They also concur that it is, at bottom, fear that motivates the masses that have been exposed to the worldview embodied in their traditions to repudiate those worldviews.”

“ Things haven’t changed. Today, it is fear—raw, primal, fear—that is the engine powering the capitulation of Americans, white and black, to the Big Lie, this whopper of a lie, that black Americans are perpetually murdered by a “White Supremacist” society via the police.

Such is the magnitude of this lie that it is no exaggeration to say that it is a parallel universe.

Parallel universe?

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