Fund me an easy scam, military treason, Anarchy in the wings

Domestic Terrorists – Three New York Police Officers Poisoned By Shake Shack Employees… sundance – “Fortunately, our fellow officers were not seriously harmed.” (LINK). Then there was the story of the National Guardsmen who found broken glass in their pizza.

“The Black Lives Matter Foundation” Raised Millions. It’s Not Affiliated With The Black Lives Matter Movement. Ryan Mac, Brianna Sacks – “Employees of Apple, Google, and Microsoft have raised millions of dollars for the Black Lives Matter Foundation thinking it’s the international racial justice movement seeking to end police brutality. That couldn’t be further from the truth.” Scams go both ways when there is a large pot of money out there in the hands of irresponsible and lazy people who want to feel good no matter the cost in either money or integrity,

A video catches a brave woman telling leftists the truth about the Democrats. Andrea Widburg – “sometimes, even on an ash heap, a flower will grow. On Monday, that flower was Bevelyn Beatty”

“There’s a lot of ugly stuff coming out of CHAZ. We’ve seen people who condemn walls as evil build walls; people who claim that mandatory ID is racist demand ID; people who dismiss farmers as morons “plant” crops on cardboard; and people who hate the Second Amendment instantly cede power to others with guns. We’ve seen also the kind of thing we already expect from the Black Lives Matter, Antifa, and anarchist crowd: Property destruction, mob violence, suppression of free speech, and outright hostility to Christianity.

Another day, another bogus report from CDC seeking to entice the public to continue wearing masks. Jack Hellner – “The CDC now says they have proof that wearing facemasks reduced COVID 19 cases in NYC by 66,000 from April 17th to May 9th … There is no way they would know this, and it is as made up as the modeling numbers that CDC put out in March”

“If they wanted a legitimate story, they would have looked at cases in states without the face mask requirement to see how many cases they had from April 17th to May 9th. Instead of doing that they just made numbers up and the media, like puppets, repeat the bogus numbers to indoctrinate people into wearing masks.

Here are some of the other hoaxes, lies, talking points and propaganda that most of the media, entertainers, bureaucrats have used to indoctrinate the public into submission on COVID 19 and to destroy the economy:

Trump Voters Have Had It With the CDC. David Catron – “No one believes these mendacious fear-mongers about the Tulsa rally.” … “It’s probable that, before the advent of COVID-19, most Americans thought of the CDC as a benign agency where serious scientists worked to protect us from public health threats. During the past few months, the coronavirus pandemic has disabused most sensible observers of that Panglossian fantasy.”

BRILLIANT: Military Warrior “with More than a Dozen Combat Deployments” Rebuts West Point Grads’ Attack on President Trump and the US Constitution. Joe Hoft – “Late last week a group of graduated West Point leftists penned a letter rebuking the politicization of the military, while at the same time targeting recent moves by military leadership in a veiled attack on President Trump. Yesterday, on Flag Day, we received this rebuttal from an honest US military warrior. We share it below in its entirety.”

Why Derek Chauvin May Get Off His Murder Charge. Gavrilo David – “A deeper look at the policies behind the death of George Floyd” … find out about Excited Delirium Syndrome, too.

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