How about cancel the pandemic?

16 Things You Need to Know When Caught in a Panicky Crowd or Riot. Preparedness Advice Blog – “Remember, crowds are something to be feared. A panicky crowd will have no conscience.”

Who Now Dares to Confront the Left? Peter Smith – “The truth is the enemy of those who practice deceit and who find their anchor not in truth but in an agenda.”

Diana West Discusses Ideological Pentagon -VS- A Pragmatic Commander in Chief… sundance – “discusses a network and pattern of ideology within the modern pentagon leadership, and how a worldview is threatened by President Trump.” … “President Trump’s preferred use of economic warfare makes the Pentagon’s role diminished.”

“In the Trump era the President is telling the Pentagon where and when to position; and asks them for ‘contingency’ preparation. Decades of Pentagon-centric foreign policy is lessened by an entirely new geopolitical approach based on economic strategy.

Take away power, or worse yet, stop using military power, and the leaders within the system start to sense their institution becoming functionally obsolescent. Overlay this military view upon pre-existing ideological differences and the situation gets worse.

Unfortunately, like all other issues in the era of hyper-polarization, normally democrats would be alarmed about military leadership going rogue with their own agenda; however, as long as their agenda is anti-Trump, the political-left is now okay with it.

Never Trumpers are always wrong. Miranda Devine – “Psychological projection is the hallmark of the Trump-deranged. Deeply unhappy, they pour their self-hatred into the president like adolescents raging against an absent father.” … “Trump derangement is the only occupation open to their washed-up careers, so they are doomed forever to tilt at windmills.” … “So rancid and hyperbolic is this abuse that it probably will end up helping Trump electorally even as it damages the country.”

“On Saturday, by contrast, the president upheld American patriotism to the applause of West Point’s newly minted second lieutenants.

“The survival of America and the endurance of civilization itself depends on the men and women just like each of you,” he said.

“It depends on people who love their country with all their heart and energy and soul. It depends on citizens who build, sustain, nurture, and defend institutions like this one.”

“What has historically made America unique is the durability of its institutions against the passions and prejudices of the moment.”

Compare these sentiments to the bile of Never Trumpers and you see the treachery of people who hate the president more than they love their country.

After 4 months of hysteria, Covid-19 hasn’t beaten annual flu yet. Lubos Motl – “Well, I was totally wrong about the reaction of the humans, the longevity of this hysteria, and the overall impact on the economy that the bulk of our brainwashed mankind has apparently considered “justified”. This experience has made me fully understand and share the message of the quote by my late colleague Isaac Newton: I can calculate the motion of heavenly bodies, but not the madness of people. ”

Prof John Huss King about the anti-white racism at Berkeley. Lubos Motl – “The guest blogger is a history professor at UCB, as confirmed by Tom Sowell and another journalist who know the name.” Many voices joining this chorus…

Jumpin’ Ju-Ju Bones – Tens of Thousands of Boaters Join MAGA Flotillas For Trump… sundance – “Today, in celebration of President Trump’s birthday, thousands of boats assembled in massive flotillas around the country to celebrate. Here’s some videos of the events starting with over a thousand boats in Jacksonville, Florida: . Lighthouse Point, Florida:” and reports are that 800,000 have signed up for the Oklahoma rally on 20 June.

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