Never give up! Never surrender! grovelling doesn’t help.

Yes, Let’s Defund The Police … At The EPA. I & I Editorial Board – “Not only do Democrats not want to rein in the militarization of the federal agencies, they want to expand it.” … “Meanwhile, eight Democratic state attorneys general have sued the EPA for relaxing its enforcement activities during the COVID-19 lockdowns.” … “A few years ago, Rep. Chris Stewart, R-Utah, introduced the Regulatory Agency De-militarization Act, saying that “It’s disturbing to see the stories of federal regulators armed to the teeth and breaking into homes and businesses when there was no reason to think there would be resistance.”

Begging the Mob’s Forgiveness Doesn’t Work. Kyle Smith – “You can’t apologize enough to the woke and the restless.” … “After the actual riots, the metaphorical ones. Reputations get burned down. Careers get their windows smashed in. Character gets assassinated. … Much of this has been nearly as senseless, emotion-driven, and inane as the actual burning, looting, and destroying of urban neighborhoods.”

Who is John Gleeson? Paul Mirengoff – “Judge Gleeson was an advocate for the defendant in a case before him. He thus violated the fundamental principle that a judge cannot decide a case in which he has been, much less in which he actively remains, an advocate.”

“Thus, Gleeson waged his own campaign, using his office and his power, to browbeat the local prosecutor, who regularly appears in his court, into asking for charges to be dropped against a repeat, armed felon whom the prosecutor’s office properly convicted at a trial many years before. Gleeson then granted the request for a reduced sentence for which he had tirelessly advocated.
Who is John Gleeson? He’s a former rogue judge and current accomplice to a judge who, it appears, also wants to go rogue.

Saturday’s Washington, DC Protest Was a Big Flop. John Nolte – “Twitter’s Blue Checkmark Mafia and the fake media told us anywhere from one million to 100,000 protesters would swarm Washington, DC, on Saturday. Only 10,000 showed up, which means the “experts” were only off in the range of 80 to 99 percent.”

I Must Object. Glenn C. Loury – “A rebuttal to Brown University’s letter on racism in the United States”

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