It’s a myth. Don’t you see?

We’ve Reached the Book Burning Phase of 2020 Riot Wokeness. Stephen Kruiser – “The progressives in academia have spent decades bad-mouthing and marginalizing the Western canon in an effort to “enlighten” the youth of America. It’s a “throw the baby out with the bathwater” approach that views any book written by “dead white men” as dangerous and is part of an anti-intellectual approach to history that is used as a launching point for academic anti-American screeds.”

If Not For Lies They Would Be Mute. Peter Smith – “I saw the live press briefing on TV as it was happening. It could not have been misinterpreted. When Trump brought Floyd into the picture he was talking about civil rights and Floyd’s death bringing renewed focus and energy into seeing that everybody is treated equally by law enforcement. He was not at all referring to job numbers. And, to reiterate, no such interpretation could possibly have been inferred by any honest reporter.”

“Lying is a practiced art of those on the Left. Trump has put it into overdrive. Without shame, they will tell any lie, omit any fact, commit any stunt, distort and contort any account, fudge any numbers, and practise any deceit in their vendetta to get Trump. Nothing is off limits.

Why do they despise him? He’s a threat to their aim to tear down capitalism, our civilisation, our traditions, our past heroes, our national pride, and all the things we hold dear. They are communists whether they badge themselves that way or not. Christianity, family life, the individual’s right to life liberty and happiness is anathema to them. Take the time to listen to Trump. He might exaggerate at times and irritatingly get off the point but make no mistake, this is a man guided by truth and by common sense

A final comment on George Floyd. Police didn’t randomly stop him. They were called by a store clerk who claimed that Floyd had paid with a forged $20 bill. He was a big man. Apparently, he resisted arrest and had a cocktail of fentanyl and methamphetamine in his system. Did the police treat him humanely? It didn’t look a bit like it to me but, at the same time, he would almost certainly have survived if not for underlying health conditions.

Black crime is the problem. Best to reiterate. Criminal activity by blacks is a blight on America and is directly responsible for black deaths at the hands of police. It has nothing to do with racism.

The Black Lives Matter movement is a complete beat-up based on lies – the Left’s abiding stock-in-trade. The protests in the US are a beat-up based on lies. The copy-cat protests elsewhere, including here, are even more of a beat-up. White elites in the US prostrating themselves in front of the mob because of their “white privilege” are cringeworthy disgraces to humanity. Worse than the rioters and looters.

The Hyperbole of the Justifiably Outraged. Tristan Heiner – “overstatement when discussing these nuanced and sensitive topics pours petrol on the fire.” … “To claim that institutionalised racism is the very backbone of our criminal justice systems requires an extraordinary amount of intellectual dishonesty.” … “On the matter of racist policing there is a slew of evidence suggesting this is simply not true.” … “The lies we have been fed and continue to devour with not a blink of scrutiny is a sad indictment of the times in which we live which has seen the triumph of emotions over evidence.” … “While these baseless and divisive moans can be swiftly hit for six, the problem is that they are being made in the first place by people in influential positions.”

On Being Pounded With Lies, Damned Lies, and More Damned Lies About ‘Systemic’ Racism in America. Dov Fischer – “as to those who now proclaim “America has systemic racism,” that is a lie, a damned lie. It is a lie about America, and it is a damned lie about Americans.”

Desperate FakeNews Media in Overdrive. Brian C. Joondeph – “Several media stories, presented as gospel, are now crumbling as fast as the Russian collusion fable”

More Than Ever, It’s Time to Unleash the Power of ‘No’. Kurt Schlichter “For way too long, too many conservatives and other normal people have failed to deploy our most potent weapon in the defense of free thought and expression – the utter refusal to go along with the demands of the carnivorous left.”

“This nonsense is expanding to all of society. You must meet their exacting standards in all things or, well, here comes the mob. But the punchline is that you can’t satisfy them, not ever. There’s no way to appease them because what they say they want – adherence to some amorphous idiot dogma – is not the point. The point is the bullying. The point is the tyranny. The point is their ability to exercise delicious arbitrary power over you.

1. Never apologize.

2. Reject their demands.

3. Speak truths they want suppressed.

4. Laugh at them.

5. Buy guns and ammunition.

It’s time to push back on these punks. They leverage our natural politeness and tendency to try to avoid conflict to take advantage and seize the high ground. Understand that tactic and refuse to play along. They leave you spinning your wheels by drawing you into trying to reason with them when reasoning is beside the point. You do not owe them a debate. Mock them instead, and stubbornly defy their commands.

The Worst ‘Progressive’ Idea Yet: Hey, Let’s Get Rid Of The Police! I & I Editorial Board – “It’s an attempt by cynical leftist politicians who despise this country to use this new crisis, just as they did with coronavirus and the Russian-collusion crisis, to split Americans sharply along racial and political lines. The ultimate goal is to dissolve the very institutions that keep us from descending into chaos.”

“A Police-Free Future” – Minneapolis City Council Votes To Abolish Police Department. Tyler Durden – “Meanwhile watch as gun sales in Minneapolis – both legal and illegal – and in every other city across the country, explode.” The mayor isn’t happy about this.

Obama Judge Orders Denver Cops to Let Rioters Break Windows. Daniel Greenfield – as long as it is somebody else’s windows? “That this ruling is wildly illegal goes without saying. Beyond that, Jackson offers the entirely false premise that the right to protest covers vandalism and that free speech protections mean that the police can’t intervene when looters are smashing and defacing.”

Black Lives Are a Pretext. David Horowitz – “Black Lives Matter was formed in 2013 by three self-styled “Marxist-Leninist revolutionaries,” who selected as their movement icon convicted cop-killer and Black Liberation Army member Assata Shakur.”

“The Black Lives Matter movement is not about particular injustices but about the alleged injustice of the American system, of capitalism, and of “white supremacy.” Its mission is not to save black lives. The thousands of deaths from black-on-black homicides draw no attention and inspire no protests, nor do the deaths of black police officers on the integrated police forces they attack. Their ferocious denunciations of slogans like “All Lives Matter” and “Blue Lives Matter” as “racist” reveal the racist impetus behind their own agenda.

The fact that Black Lives Matter was now a major national movement funded by America’s establishment elites did not prompt its communist founders to reconsider their political infatuation with totalitarians or their anti-American agendas.

This was a foretaste of the insurrection they are now leading, setting fire to the country that made them the freest, richest and most privileged black community in the world.

Mayhem made in Venezuela? Monica Showalter – “Take a look at the photos of BLM leaders whooping it up with Nicolas Maduro in Harlem and Caracas”

“Well, I’ve covered a lot of riots — from Indonesia to Argentina to Russia to East Timor to Thailand to Venezuela, plus domestic ones in Seattle, Los Angeles, and San Francisco — as a journalist. The one thing that’s always come out in the aftermath is that none of these mass rioting and looting events was ever a simple spontaneous eruption. All big riot events are man-made.

If the press had any curiosity at all, it would look to where the current mayhem is coming from.

Any curiosity? Myths are too comforting.

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