Brazen black privilege via extortion and threat

Why Does The New York Times Brazenly Deny The Obvious? Tyler Durden – “But to hear the New York Times tell the story, it was not the lockdown but the pandemic that did this. That’s a level of ideological subterfuge that is almost impossible for a sane person to conjure up, simply because it is so obviously unbelievable. ”

“That the newspaper, a once venerable institution, has something to answer for is apparent. But instead of accepting moral culpability for having created a panic to fuel the overthrow of the American way of life, they turn on a dime to celebrate people who are not socially distancing in the streets to protest police brutality.
It was not the pandemic that blew up our lives, commercial networks, and health systems. It was the response to the virus that did that. The Times needs to learn that it cannot construct a fake version of reality just to avoid responsibility for what they’ve done. Are we really supposed to believe what they write now and in the future? This time, I hope, people will be smart and learn to consider the source.

An Orgy of Anti-White Hatred Erupts on Social and Mainstream Media. Danusha V. Goska – “Exploiting a tragedy to disseminate racism and civilizational suicide.

“The anti-civilizational aspect of the riots is evident from its targets. The Lincoln Memorial, The World War II Memorial, and Saint Patrick’s Cathedral were all vandalized. Synagogues on the east and west coast were attacked. In a Kristallnacht touch, rioters threw a rock through a synagogue window
The proper response is not to attribute Floyd’s death to the officers, two of whom were Asian-American, who arrested Floyd and pinned him down. Derek Chauvin is, at best, incidental to RWL narrative.
I asked how African-Americans could be unheard, in a country where African-Americans are, and have been for decades, represented at every level of power, from the presidency to the cabinet to the judiciary to the legislature to the media, where African-Americans occupy outsize positions in culture, from Oprah Winfrey to Beyoncé to Nobel-Prize-winner Toni Morrison, from the Tuskegee Airmen to Harriet Tubman to LeBron James to Langston Hughes to Aretha Franklin to Maya Angelou to Neil deGrasse Tyson to … too many other luminaries to mention, where museums, like the National Museum of African-American History and Culture, receive millions of taxpayer dollars to research and recount the history of African-Americans, where required curricula at every level of public and private education focus on African-Americans, where the entire music industry, and elements of the broader culture, shut down in protest of George Floyd’s death. We are all taught to focus on black victims of hate crimes, but we are not taught to remember victims who are not black. I know few who recognize the names Leo Frank, Sherry Michelle Ansley, or Yankel Rosenbaum, or have heard anything about the Lattimer or the Ludlow Massacres. I received no reply to my question about how black people are “unheard.” I am still wondering what reply might be offered.

I was told that looting and rioting are not just justified, they are sanctified; they are holy rituals of purgation.
I attempted to address some of the above points in Facebook posts. No, I said, it is simply not true that only blacks are ever killed, and that only whites do the killing, or that rioting is inevitable after disturbing video is released, or that rioting is inevitable because of “systemic” abuse. Statistics suggest that in the US, a white person is more likely to be a victim of a violent crime committed by a black person than vice versa.
I rage at RWLs because, as much as I may love them as individuals, I believe that their Facebook posturing is utterly phony. It is Darwinian. They have created an atmosphere where they gain social status by declaring that whiteness is evil. But they themselves are white.
America wants to give African-Americans so much. There are millions of dollars earmarked for African-Americans. Not for Native Americans, or poor whites, or the blind, or cancer survivors.
This weird mess of RWL feelings for black people is summed up in a photo from the recent riots. A white woman gives the finger to a police officer, who happens to be black. No doubt she thinks he is an Uncle Tom. No doubt he thinks, with reason, that she is simply nuts.

Walmart is putting budget on fixing something where there is nothing evident to fix. Amazon is proclaiming solidarity with rioters who trash its competition. Uber Eats is providing free service to privileged (black owned) businesses. Crowds reminiscent of Riechstag rallies of 1933 (or here) surrender with oaths of fealty. We have generals at the Pentagon sounding like their Japanese counterparts in the 30’s.

One retired Marine isn’t putting up with Mattis’s nonsense. Andrea Widburg – “Ret. Marine General James Mattis, who served as Trump’s Defense Secretary, resigned over a year ago, but has apparently been nursing a grudge since then.” … “His facts were wrong, and his arguments foolish and simplistic.” … “Mattis may also be part of yet another, broader resistance attempt.” … “retired Marine Captain John M. Dowd, a former Marine Corps Judge Advocate and a Trump attorney, had enough. He wrote a letter aimed directly at Mattis’s honor. … Dowd’s letter is savage. You can tell it was written in a white-hot passion.” Read Dowd’s Letter.

Mike Lee Leaves the Constitutionally Illiterate Left Screaming ‘Third Amendment’ and Looking Pretty Stupid. Streiff – “Short answer — the District of Columbia is actually a federal area; it’s National Guard are under the Secretary of the Army. The Constitution makes the President the Commander in Chief of the ‘militia’ and by calling them into federal service can order them about.”

“The cute thing about the left arguing the Constitution is that it is just like them arguing the Bible. It is obvious that they are aware that the document exists and have a very cursory idea of what is in it. It is glaringly obvious they have never read it or its history or are even familiar with how it has been interpreted by courts and Congress. Most of their knowledge is leftist tropes which are bogus from the start. Such is the case here.

Michael Flynn Prosecution Turned on Logan Act Hoax. Jonathon Moseley – “The FBI and the DoJ have very reluctantly revealed more and more information about how the Obama administration conspired to subvert democratic elections.”

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