Ignore them and they don’t go away

Riots, Brought To You By District Attorneys Who Won’t Prosecute. I & I Editorial Board – “Just as with recent revelations of misconduct at the FBI, Justice Department and CIA, Americans would be well-advised to pay close attention also to their local races for judges, district attorneys and other positions of power in the justice system. Any interference by Soros is a red flag, pun intended, that your local justice system is being subverted.”

Media Enraged That More Swedes Aren’t Dying. Michael Fumento – “Which can be inferred as saying Sweden committed no error the first time. Sweden was right; meaning practically the rest of the world was wrong – at a terrible, terrible price.”

Candace Owens Video: I DO NOT Support George Floyd and I Refuse to See Him as a Martyr – “Floyd’s family deserves justice, but turning him into a saint is a destructive mistake.”

New York and California Freed Thousands of Criminals and the Riots Began. Daniel Greenfield – “Free the criminals. Organize riots. Watch cities burn. Repeat.” … “Not all of the released criminals returned to crime, but the riots provided the perfect opportunity.”

“ Right now, Black Lives Matter and Antifa, and more importantly their backers from the Democrat Party to the media to academia, are holding a gun to the head of the United States of America. But the worst part of it is that we gave them the gun and put the bullets in it when we began freeing criminals.

Law and order is the only way to take the gun away. Locking up the criminals disarms the Left.

Understanding the Far-Left Threat. Christopher DeGroot – “Bush may have meant well, but his words, being inaccurate, aren’t doing Americans any favors.” … “Still, the myth of systemic racism, like the view that whites are a privileged group, persists. Why? The answer is that the left needs it. For if the United States is an irredeemably racist country, then the left will be justified in destroying it, which is precisely what the left seeks to do.”

Please Don’t Go! John Hinderaker – “That is what officials in cities that have been devastated by rioters, looters and arsonists are saying to businesses whose investments in those cities have gone up in smoke. “ … “Really? What a surprise! Too bad those “realizations” didn’t occur before morons destroyed their own neighborhoods..”

“Riots are terribly destructive, but most of the damage does not occur overnight. It plays out over a period of years. Sadly, much of the progress that has been made by minority business owners and by minority neighborhoods in recent decades has been wiped away by rioters, looters and arsonists.

And it’s based on a web of Big Lies. Neo – “One of the worst things about what’s been happening now, and actually for a long time, is the acceptance of lies as truth. It’s easy to spread a simple lie that grabs people and energizes them. Truth sometimes requires deeper thought, and maybe even a little math on occasion.”

Friendly Cautionary Advice to Journalists Sourcing Stories from Lawsuit Allegations. Tim Kowal – “Are allegations in a lawsuit a credible journalistic source? Be aware that litigants often file frivolous lawsuits.” Many are rather loose with their claims to blame others, even in lawsuits. “How can NPR’s audience be assured they are being provided a report on a white supremacist conspiracy that is any more credible than a Church of Mormon conspiracy?”

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