Law of holes

an adage which states that “if you find yourself in a hole, stop digging” [Wikipedia]

What’s Trump Got To Do With The George Floyd Riots? I & I Editorial Board – “You’d think that those most responsible for maintaining law and order in their own communities would bear the brunt of the criticism for the ongoing mayhem, wouldn’t you?” The common refrain is that these guys like spending other people’s money – which lasts until there isn’t any more to take. Now it shows that these same guys like to take other people’s culpability until that runs out, too.

“to say that Trump is somehow responsible for the violence, or that his actions have fanned the flames, is simply another symptom of Trump Derangement Syndrome. The same people now blaming Trump for the riots have already blamed him for every other problem, real or imagined, that has occurred in the past three years – including the weather.

Could Trump act more delicately and be more unifying during this latest crisis? We suppose so. Could his opponents behave less like raving lunatics who are willing to tear everything down if they think it will hurt Trump’s reelection chances? Definitely.

That elusive white supremacist (not). Scott Johnson – “At his press conference yesterday, Governor Walz declared the driver “stupid” for speeding and glorified the crowd that pummeled him … One has to make it to the end of the local CBS affiliate’s story on this incident to find a powerful testimonial to the driver from the (black) customer he had just served at the time of the incident:”

The Truth About Police Violence and Race. John Perazzo – “Debunking the lies that justify rage and riots.” … “It is possible, you know, to do two reasonable things at once. That is, one can be outraged by the injustice that was done to George Floyd, without falsely portraying it as a microcosm of systemic racism by police officers across America. It is nothing of the kind.”

‘Institutional racism ’is the new blood libel. Seth Grossman – “The riots that began in Minneapolis are the intended consequence of the fake history dished out by our media, Hollywood, and most colleges and public schools for the past 50 years. This new “institutional racism” falsely blames all whites for every injustice — especially whites who are Christian, Republican or who love America.” … “Leave it to “progressive” Democrats to make the worst of Old Russia the “new normal” in America.”

Democrats’ Chickens Come Home to Roost. Derek Hunter – “Conservatives have been warning about the dangers of Antifa and other left-wing groups for years. No one in the Democrat media listened.”

“More than that, they cheered them on; defended them. Why not? After all, they were chanting the right things and targeting the right people, from the left’s perspective.

No progressive group would condemn them: Black Lives Matter didn’t, the Women’s March didn’t, CNN didn’t.

The radicals have become a liability, not because of the violence, per se, but because they aren’t targeting the violence in useful directions, and it’s all being caught on tape.

During the Trump administration, the target was national: the president himself.

Now, Democrats are trying to have their cake and eat it too. They want to target local police and the president, but that’s a tougher sell.

The cities they’re claiming are oppressive are controlled by their own, and have been for a long time.

But, again, the president had no connection to any of this. Still, the left hates him so much, and they want an issue to attack him with, they’re blaming him anyway.

Propagandists in the media have tried to protect the lie, protect the rage while attempting to separate out the most violent elements as somehow being “infiltrators,” but it isn’t working.

After watching Democrat governors flail, President Trump steps in to quell the riots. Andrea Widburg – “Before Monday, President Trump kept a low profile regarding the riots. He wasn’t invisible; he just wasn’t putting himself front and center. That changed dramatically on Monday.”

The DOJ supports its petition for writ of mandate with an explosive brief. Ibid – “Sullivan filed his pathetic and dishonest brief on Monday. The DOJ’s brief, however, is filled with devastating facts and entirely on-point legal authority.” … “The DOJ is taking this matter very seriously.”

“According to Sean Davis, having this many heavy-hitters on an appellate brief is almost unheard of:

The statement of facts explains how egregiously the FBI set up Michael Flynn to drive him out of office as acting National Security Advisor. This disheartening tale manifestly merits dismissal. (It’s noteworthy that everyone involved in this miscarriage of justice has been fired or quit involuntarily. It would be nice if at least some would be prosecuted.)

The legal arguments are straightforward: Under Art. II of the Constitution, the executive branch has the sole power to determine whether to prosecute a case. The judicial branch may not directly interfere with this discretion. Nor may a judge attempt to act as a prosecutor by bringing criminal charges against any party.

From a legal standpoint, the DOJ presents a compelling case. It is always possible, in this age of judicial activism, for a Court to ignore the law to arrive at its preferred conclusion. I have seen it often enough practicing law in the People’s Republic of California. But assuming the circuit court in this case follows the law, it must issue the writ of mandamus and order Judge Sullivan to dismiss the Michael Flynn with prejudice.

Judge Sullivan ripped the judicial mask off, and what’s behind it is ugly. Ibid – “Wilkinson and her team are being dishonest. On the matter at issue here, Fokker is unambiguous:” The court rules of procedure are about protecting the defendant and Sullivan’s argument is trying to void that.

RedState Legal Analyst “Shipwreckedcrew:” Emmit Sullivan’s Response to the Court of Appeals Is Deranged, Doesn’t Cite Any Authority for His Actions, Just Tells Them To Let Him Do Whatever He Wants. Ace of Spades comments – “”

“That is: the Circuit Court was not asking him, “Hey, buddy, this is interesting, can you tell us more?!”


As we’ll see, Sullivan decided he couldn’t defend his actions and so decided to ignore the orders of the court.

But he really wants to know why Flynn reversed himself on his decision to withdraw his guilty plea and instead reaffirm it? Becuase you threatened to put him in jail for treason if he exercised his right to withdraw the plea.

Undercover Huber on Twitter is getting cites from neo and Ace who refers to Bonchie at Red State. Judge Sullivan Delivers Response in Flynn Case and It’s Something. “It goes on and on like this while avoiding the core issue at hand.”

“What is even the point of all this given the new evidence and that both parties want this to end? There’s no logical, nor legal reason for Sullivan to keep this charade going, but he seems determined to do so. It’s a fairly gross display for what is supposed to be an independent judiciary.

The idea that Sullivan can delay justice yet again without causing any harm is ludicrous. Lawyers aren’t free, nor is the emotional toll Flynn is being put through.

Dana has a bit on the conflict in autopsies in Private Autopsy: George Floyd Died Of “Asphyxia From Sustained Pressure” (Update Added). “Hennepin County Medical Examiner … cause of death is “cardiopulmonary arrest complicating law enforcement subdual, restrain, and neck compression.” … Floyd had indications of heart disease including “arteriosclerotic and hypertensive heart disease,” as well as fentanyl intoxication and recent methamphetamine use.”

Are People Allowed to Use Deadly Force to Defend Property? Eugene Volokh – “It depends, whether as to looting or other threats to property.”

Clever Churchgoers Avoid Arrest By Disguising Themselves As Rioters. Babylon Bee. Also Powerful: Protesters Spell Out ‘Love’ With Burning Homes And Businesses

Leftist Rules: Target Small Business Owners During COVID-19, Bail Out Anarchist Rioters. Sarah Carter. “Floyd’s killing ignited a fire across the nation that has given rise to violent protests and groups, such as Antifa that use the crisis to further destabilize the nation and destroy major urban centers. … More than a week ago, however, these same activists, liberals and Democrats publicly shamed anybody they believed weren’t following the guidelines to limit the spread of the coronavirus.”

“It wasn’t just the small business owners who were feeling the wrath of the liberal elite but everyday Americans who were made fun of and targeted after rallying against the overly restrictive coronavirus social distancing mandates. Those restrictions, coupled with the economic shutdown, have left nearly 40 million Americans applying for unemployment. But that didn’t matter to the progressive liberals, who challenged Americans that wanted to go back to work.

Those core American values were not acceptable to the liberal left during the pandemic, but rioting and looting over the last four days is not only acceptable but should be rewarded.

The Phone Settings You Need to Know Before Protesting. David Murphy. This is among sever at Lifehacker today to confuse protesting and rioting and encourage lawlessness and Karen type wokeness and mob actions fomenting.

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