Deflect, Divert, Gaslight

Blaming White Supremacists For The Riots Is Nonsensical Gaslighting, David Marcus – “I can’t believe they even tried it.” … “The hypocritical mental gymnastics from the liberal media in the past 72 hours were amazing enough to earn a perfect 10 from the stingiest East German judge.”

“I call on every journalist who amplified this insanity to put up or shut up. Prove that most of the criminal actions were committed by white supremacists. For once hold yourself accountable to the people you claim to serve with your work. And do it now.

It’s an insurrection, no longer just protests, Thomas Lifson – “The key moment was when the mayor of Minneapolis surrendered the city’s third precinct police station to the mob. It was as much a signal to the mob as the storming of the Bastille was to the French Revolutionaries”

Trump declared Antifa a terrorist organization, and Democrats are worried, Andrea Widburg – “Many people believe that George Soros is funding Antifa and pulling its strings. While he may be funding the organization, its radical ties put it squarely within the new Democrat party. Indeed, the moment Minnesota AG Keith Ellison’s son heard about Trump’s announcement, he proudly declared fealty to the group:” … “Trump’s decision to turn federal law enforcement on Antifa is a disaster for Democrats. No wonder Susan Rice is already trying to blame the Russians for the riots. Expect to see a lot more deflecting from Democrats in the coming months.”

Susan Rice makes claim Russians could be behind violent George Floyd demonstrations, Gregg Re – “Former Obama administration national security adviser Susan Rice bizarrely suggested in a televised interview Sunday that the Russians could be behind the violent nationwide demonstrations” … “Even left-of-center commentators were bewildered by Rice’s claim, which was not supported by any evidence.”

Shades of Reagan: Bill Barr vows to employ 1960s anti-riot law on loot-and-riot thugs, Monica Showalter – “I’m already seeing it on Twitter: “Thank goodness we have Bill Barr.” … “This isn’t about civil rights protests. This is about organized crime and organized violence, in pursuit of some political aim. And whoever is doing it needs to be in jail, particularly the organizers from the top.”

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