What’s worse: the crime or the coverup?

Elizabeth Vaughn: Here’s Why So Many Treasury Department Officials Requested Unmaskings of Gen. Flynn – “By 2015-2016, Obama had politicized every government agency. Most, if not all, agencies were led and primarily staffed by bureaucrats who all shared the same goal.”

Jonathan F. Keiler: Materiality is the Key to the Flynn Impasse – “There are two aspects to the current imbroglio over the Justice Department’s attempt to dismiss the Michael Flynn case, which U.S. District Judge Emmet Sullivan so far has rejected. The first is procedural — whether Sullivan following Rule 48(a) of the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure must dismiss. The second is substantive, whether the basis the government gave for dismissal is legitimate.” … “The issue of materiality is essentially “Obamagate,” the scandal the left refuses to acknowledge.”

Seth Barrett: When Does the President “Abuse” the Pardon Power? – “The reality is that that “abuse” of office or “abuse” of powers, as it has been pitched to the public, amounts to an Orwellian thought crime—which seeks to overturn an election based on wrong think and mundane disagreements about policy, which, in normal times, would be the subject of elections, not impeachments (and not a process of recasting political differences as accusations of legal wrongdoing, with concomitant investigations, and threats of prosecution).”

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