Shocking theories, cultist zealots

Paul Joseph Watson: Lockdown Zealots Are Behaving Like Cult Members; Psychotherapist Warns – “Psychotherapist Dr Hugh Willbourn says lockdown zealots are displaying all the classic signs of cult members by doubling down on their beliefs despite having been proven wrong.” … “Meanwhile, Karens all over the world don’t show any signs of giving up on something that legitimizes their favorite thing in the world; Lecturing other people about their behavior.”

Tyler Durden: COVID-19 Deaths In Context: How Many People Die Each Day? – “As the COVID-19 pandemic rages on, the media continues to rattle off statistics at full force. … However, as Visual Capitalist’s Jenna Ross notes, without a frame of reference, numbers such as the death toll can be difficult to interpret.” Here’s a reference from Our World in Data. The caveats are also described.

David Horowitz: “Perhaps the most troubling – and dangerous – aspect of the current political conversation is the unwillingness of virtually every elected official and every media pundit to confront what “Obamagate” is obviously about, which is treason.” … “Semantic deceptions are the currency of political conflicts designed to take the public’s eye off the ball.” for instance, is it capital T Treason as in Article III, Section 3 of the Constitution or small t as in common usage as in Webster’s of the word treason?

Rayn Random: Why AG Barr is right about not criminally prosecuting Obama or Biden – “We both would love to see it, but consider how destructive the Dems’ legal efforts to get Trump to testify so they could prosecute him have been for the past three years, and then imagine what could happen if the precedent were set to prosecute future presidents of either party.” The people, enough of them, are invested sufficiently to protect the past.

“But it appears that A.G. Barr and Michael Horowitz are leaving nothing undiscovered and fully intend to proceed with criminal prosecutions. If those who did the crimes under Obama’s orders and direction have to hire hugely expensive attorneys, perhaps even sell their homes, as General Flynn had to do, they will be angry, very angry at Obama’s getting a pass. They will tell all on each other and on him.

Obama will be helpless to stop it. He will not be able to deny anything in the courtroom, and more truth will come out than if he himself were on trial. He will have to watch his own destruction.

Sundance: Secondary Confirmation – Treasury Whistleblower Complaint Aligns Directly With President Obama’s Political Surveillance Activity… “According to the article in mid-December 2015 the Treasury whistleblower started noticing data-search transactions with the Treasury Dept. for specific people that aligned with the 2016 GOP primary.”

Andrea Widburg: Dan Bongino offers two shocking theories about the target on Flynn’s back – “thinks there was a setup. Three weeks before leaving office, on December 29, Obama suddenly took the dramatic step of expelling 35 Russian diplomats and imposing sanctions on Russia. He knew that Kislyak would immediately get on the phone with Trump’s incoming national security adviser — that is, Flynn — to find out what Trump intended to do three weeks hence.”

Jonathan Turley: In Michael Flynn case, Judge Sullivan’s gross overreach turns justice into mob rule – “The case against Micheal Flynn is abusive and should be dismissed, as the Justice Department requests. But Judge Emmet Sullivan has other ideas.”

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