Yes, there is a difference, an important one

David Catron: Of Pandemics and the Partisan Divide – “Why so much difference between Democrats and Republicans on reopening?”

“A frequently heard complaint about American politics is that there is little difference between our two major parties. As one libertarian publication recently put it, “Coronavirus Reveals Utter Sameness of Democrats and Republicans.” In reality, the pandemic has provided a particularly stark view of the growing chasm between their governing philosophies.
The objective data support Gov. Hutchinson’s claim that his approach is more effective than states of comparable size that foisted shelter-in-place rules on their residents.
A number of Republican Governors have been carpet bombed by the Democrats and the “news” media for permitting most of their residents to return to something resembling their normal lives. This is particularly true of Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, and Texas Gov. Greg Abbott. Never mind that new cases peaked in all three states by the middle of April, and their deaths per million are far below most of their Democratic counterparts.
This is a far more important distinction than it probably seems at first glance. If one of the two major parties doesn’t trust you to choose a greasy spoon or get a haircut without supervision, is there any real chance they will be comfortable with your choices concerning where you live, work, worship, get health care, educate your children? Are they really going to be comfortable with your decisions concerning who should represent you in state government, Congress, or live in the White House? Not a chance.

T.R. Clancy: When facts are stubborn things, the left just tell more stubborn lies – “The long overdue cracking of the conspiracy to frame President Trump’s national security adviser has the left wailing.”

“The brutal facts of last week’s revelations are so clear cut and straightforward — think of the invasion of Normandy or Nixon’s resignation — that no straight news reporter could conceivably lead with anything else but “this is what happened, and this is why it happened” — something on the order of “a cleaned-up DOJ withdrew a false charge that never should have been filed, because it was based on FBI wrongdoing and an Obama DOJ plot that was blessed by Obama officials at the highest level, and possibly by Obama himself.”

That is the story. But it’s a story the media don’t want to tell, because they’d be telling it on themselves. Where they can’t avoid it, the mainstream media are burying the ugliness under prattle about almost anything else.
The media hammering on Flynn’s guilty plea is meant to crowd out all the wretched details of prosecutorial abuse, leaving only enough room for their alternative suggestions of reality.
For some time now, the go-to progressive tactic has been to oversimplify every controversy into a Manichean “narrative” that pits absolute goodness against unspeakable evil.

Julie Kelly: Is Obama’s Long History of Playing Dirty Finally Catching Up With Him? – “The unraveling of the Michael Flynn case and ongoing investigation into Obama’s Justice Department should put an end to the preposterous claim that his administration was “scandal-free.”

“This overwhelming and shocking evidence, however, has been of no interest to marquee media organizations such as CNN and the New York Times while a handful of conservative outlets, including American Greatness, and anonymous Twitter accounts have done the heavy lifting.
It could be that Obama’s arrogance and sense of political invincibility, bolstered by years of media swooning, finally has caught up with the one-time community organizer.

Brian C. Joondeph: Will There Be an Obamagate Reckoning? You Betcha! – “It is being revealed to the public in a slow but systematic fashion, a treasonous plot to undermine a presidential election and subsequent presidency.”

“This was not simply a few rogue FBI or DOJ agents taking justice into their own hands. Instead a plot of this magnitude had the blessing of the big boss, the capo di tutti capi, as the Mafia like to say, the boss of all bosses, President Barack Hussein Obama. Hence the name ObamaGate.

There is a divide and ‘both sides do it’ is an evasion that is an indicator of blindness. How the sides differ is much more important to learn than about their similarities.

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