Reality. Does it exist?

Jessica Curtis: Who Is Out Of Touch With Reality? – “As a Republican, I have become accustomed to regularly being accused of ignoring the facts, putting party ahead of country, and willingly supporting policies that will harm, if not outright kill, my fellow Americans.”

“What Murphy said is outrageous and obviously not accurate. However, that is not the worst of it. No, what is even more wrong is that fully 60% of Democrats polled agreed with the senator. Let that sink in. Well over half of Democrats believe the president is more to blame for our situation than the Chinese. This is unhinged thinking. This truly does meet the test of putting party ahead of anything else.

Bruce Thornton: Our Dangerous Illusions About Risk – “The most formidable risk we are facing isn’t the coronavirus.” … “The coronavirus pandemic and the draconian lock-down responses to it have given us an object lesson in just how irrationally we evaluate and compare risk.

“despite those gaps in data, a policy has been implemented that has so far cost an estimated $7 trillion dollars, lowered GDP by nearly 5%, thrown 30 million out of work, crashed the oil market, and dropped the Dow Jones by over 10,000 points, though half of that loss has been restored as of now.

Nor is it just about dollars and cents. Deeming some medical procedures “non-essential” has not only beggared and shuttered hospitals, but put people at risk for sickness, disability, or death later on.

We are witnessing a classic case of responding to panic and hysteria rather than calculating and comparing risks rationally.

Victor Davis Hanson: Do the Media Even Exist? – “The media exists in name only but not in fact.” … “The crisis instead is that they are now almost always wrong, and predictably wrong because they are lazy and biased—and they deny it to the point of self-delusion.”

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