Teardown: FTNY contrasted

The Firefighters Union doesn’t think much of Giuliani as a candidate for President. They released a video some compare to those of the Swiftboat Veterans for Truth effort in the last Presidential campaign. The problem is, nobody has had much success showing how the Swiftboat Veteran’s were off base but the same cannot be said for the Firefighters Union. Jin Geraghty provides an example of the kinds of things you might look for when you view campaign related advertising. Whether or not you agree with the politics, the facts of the matter will apply. Look for these techniques that Geraghty describes as the measure of honesty in the ad should tell you a lot about the people behind it.

I watched it, trying to see if there were any legitimate gripes among the attacks. …They are few and far between, and the overall tone of the video makes the Swift Boat Vets for Truth ads look like C-SPAN. … the union members are just grasping for what they can find, throwing it against the wall and seeing what sticking. … Every Rudy decision is looked at with the benefit of hindsight and the least sympathetic interpretation possible. It’s a hit piece, and whatever legitimate gripes firefighters may have with Rudy are subsumed by a nasty, sneering contempt.

As is often the case, the manner of argument is a first good indicator of just how skeptical one should be of the content of the argument.

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