So many don’t seem to care about the path they trod and where it leads

A Triple Play at the Quadrant today: Peter Smith: A Plague of Authoritarian Fat-Headedness – “The blunderbuss policy instituted by the Australian government and by most governments was reactive and overblown. No proper and rigorous consideration was given to the consequences; to the joblessness, to the misery and to the health and wellbeing problems it would cause.” – Augusto Zimmermann: State Power, Control and COVID-19 – “sometimes I ask myself how can any rational person not see that the Wuhan virushas been ingeniously used to scare, brainwash and control entire populations, even to the point of what amounts to virtual house arrest.” … “Suddenly, our media are no longer questioning power, but colluding with power that takes away our fundamental rights and freedoms.” … “we are already living with all key hallmarks of a police state.” – Glenn Fahey: Our Closed Schools’ Herd Immunity to Evidence – “School closures in the crisis were not driven by a careful evaluation and consideration of available evidence, but by politics with a nod to ‘medical advice’ — which in reality soon admitted there was no reason to keep children out of school.

Derek Hunter: If ‘Congress Shall Make No Law…’ Why Can Governors? – “governors across the country are ignoring or suspending almost every one of those rights enumerated at the top of the Bill of Rights, with little to no pushback from the press, which just happens to be the only part of the first two amendments not under assault.” … “Governors have declared coronavirus emergencies and wiped clean the rights our nation was founded for the purpose of putting those rights beyond the reach of government.” … “These suspensions were not done by vote; they were done with the stroke of a pen.

Jazz Shaw: Cancel culture warriors still trying to cancel Masterpiece Cakeshop – “It’s now been eight years since liberal activists began their campaign to attempt to drive Masterpiece Cakeshop owner Jack Phillips out of business” … SCOTUS ruling of no concern to lower courts in yet another harassment lawsuit.

“Sadly, Phillips is hardly the only business owner to be targeted in this fashion and the tactics are almost always identical. The left identifies a perceived “enemy” of progressive values and tries to drive them out of business. And sometimes there isn’t even an aggrieved party to claim damages.

Clarice Feldman: Help, Officer… I’m Being Murdered by an Unmasked Gunman – “these restrictions set by the governors, and sometimes mayors or county chairmen, do violate our constitutional rights to free speech, assembly, due process, religion, and against takings. In the past, courts have permitted some limits in exigent circumstances, but for limited periods of time and when the government could prove after a hearing which afforded due process (testing the evidence) that no other, less restrictive means were available to deal with an emergency.

“Attorney General William Barr has warned that although governments had the right to impose “reasonable and temporary restrictions’ during times of emergency, they must justify those restrictions as truly necessary and ensure there are not other ways to address the interests that are less burdensome.”

Some governors and mayors expanded and extended the restrictions, and the arbitrary nature of these became apparent.

This kind of crazy is leading to more than protests. Overreaching and lunatic directives are inviting injunctive relief litigation.

Kai Kupferschmidt: Study claiming new coronavirus can be transmitted by people without symptoms was flawed – “Given how fast data are coming out amid the growing global crisis, it’s good to read even peer-reviewed papers with some extra caution at the moment” … “The fact that the paper got it wrong doesn’t mean transmission from asymptomatic people doesn’t occur. Fauci, for one, still believes it does.” This is another cornerstone supporting aggressive measures that looks to be much weaker than originally thought.

Joseph Curl: COVID-19 turning out to be huge hoax perpetrated by media – “When the postmortem is done on the media’s coverage of COVID-19 (and it will be), it will be clear that the virus was no Black Plague — it’s not even the flu on a bad year.” … “the media should be held accountable for telling us otherwise before they knew the facts. … But even if they do, asymptomatic transmission likely plays a minor role in the epidemic overall, WHO says.

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