Pathway to destruction

William D. Rubinstein: Howard Zinn’s Tendentious Mendacity – “His book became a best-seller for a work of history, selling more than two million copies. It set out a pervasively radical view of American history in a crudely simplistic way, which has been widely criticised by mainstream academic historians.” … “Mary Grabar has devastatingly set out what Professor Harvey Klehr termed “the lies, plagiarism, violation of academic standards, and simple-minded platitudes” found everywhere in Zinn’s book.

I & I Editorial Board: Dems Snuck A $15 Minimum Wage Into The CARES Act — And We’ll All Pay The Price – “the bottom line is that the $600 bonus will likely spur a bout of wage inflation and provide fresh impetus to demands for a $15 an hour federal minimum wage. It will also slow the recovery, which will, in turn, hamper President Donald Trump’s reelection effort. … For Democrats, this is a political win-win. For everybody else who will suffer the consequences, not so much.

Lloyd Billingsley: White Coats, Brown Shirts – “In Soviet society, it was a given that you’d have to be mentally ill to oppose socialism,” Stella Morabito noted last year in the Federalist. So psychiatry, “quite easily became molded into total subjugation to the needs of the existing political order.” … “Sadly, psychiatry has a capacity for abuse that’s basically built in,” Stella Morabito explains. “According to the late psychiatrist Thomas Szasz, the whole field is so susceptible to being used as a means of social control that it does people far more harm than good.

Laura Reiley: The industry says we have enough food. Here’s why some store shelves are empty anyway – “Small behavior changes are having huge effects, and the industry is having trouble keeping up, said Karen Smilowitz, a professor of industrial engineering at Northwestern University.

Jonathon Moseley: C-SPAN posting inaccurate transcripts of Trump briefings – “So Trump is being falsely attacked for what Trump never said (again). The worst of it, lately, is Trump asking questions to scientists. Those questions have been transformed into statements that Trump never made.” … “One action item: The White House should be releasing its own transcript of White House events, not trusting any third party. The White House should be routinely distributing citations, supporting documentation and sources for every statement the president makes.

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