War of attrition

Peter Smith: What We Are Learning and, Sadly, Confirming – “those few of us who are able to think outside of the present have a duty, so far as we can, to bring a sense of perspective to current affairs.” … “Want more stringent lockdowns to keep more people out of work and in despair? Look left. Want ever-longer lockdowns to maximise long-lasting damage to people’s livelihoods, mental health and wellbeing? Look left. Want the loss of yet more individual liberties and inalienable rights? Look left.

Roger Kimball: Post Hoc vs. Propter Hoc— “If you’re going to dance on someone’s constitutional rights, you’d better have a good reason.” Do we? … “As more and more data reveals that the virus was among us much earlier than we initially thought and that many more people have been exposed than we initially thought, the rationale for shutting down the economy seems less and less compelling.” … “The new coronavirus, however, is not an existential emergency but the vicissitudes of ordinary life. We should, these doctors advise, treat it “like the flu,” not the Black Death. I agree.”

Clarice Feldman: Virus Strikes Media Dumb – “There’s a lot of important news this week which is getting insufficient coverage.” … “Instead, we are back to story number one: How to refashion news on the Wuhan virus to attack the President.” … “Regular readers of this site know a great deal about press information manipulation and lies. I write this in the hope that you will share it with those others who still don’t get it.

Joe Herring: Stealing the Election in Plain Sight – “If you were still harboring naïve notions of free and fair elections when Democrats are involved, perhaps this will help disabuse you of those fantasies.” … “As you’ll see, Nevada is merely the target du jour. The same will be expected of all 50 states before November 3, 2020.”

“Elias is a prime example of all things wrong with the legal profession these days, a poster child for “whatever it takes” lawyerly maneuvering, regardless of ethics or legality. His involvement also makes it clear that this is no one-off effort concerning Nevada alone.

This well known Democrat fixer has a long history of fighting voter ID laws in state after state, with his legal challenges bankrolled by none other than George Soros. He is the point of the spear in the left’s effort to wrest control of the electoral process from the people of the United States. Having licked his wounds after the 2016 debacle, Elias has emerged again, fighting the same battles, singing the same tunes.

As all Democrats do, Elias ignores the concept of personal responsibility on the part of the voter,

In his own words, Elias reveals the framework for stealing an election. Create avenues for mischief, then exploit those avenues for all they’re worth.

This is the greatest danger we face in 2020 — not the virus, not North Korea, not even the economic effects of the virus, but rather the clear intention of one party to steal an election by any means necessary.

The Galaxy Quest syndrome (see rottentomatoes Jason Nesmith: “Never give up. Never surrender.”)

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