Twisted approaches

David Horowitz: The Democrats’ Twisted Approach to the Virus – “Trump is deadlier than the virus.” … In the war against the Wuhan virus, Democrats’ have had a laser focus. But it’s not on the virus. It’s on Trump. Their blame Trump attitude was crystallized in a breathtakingly nasty and preposterous statement by Democrat Senator Chris Murphy, who said: “The reason that we’re in the crisis that we are today is not because of anything that China did. It’s not because of anything the World Health Organization did. It’s because of what this president did.

“Pelosi’s repeated claim that Trump is responsible for the economic disaster the shut down has produced is a prime example of her one-track vindictiveness. All the shut down orders came from governors, and the most consequential from Democrat governors in New York,

I am myself a Trump admirer because when Trump sees a problem as dangerous and deadly as this he attempts to do something about it. He doesn’t sweep it under the rug, and embrace the deceptions of our enemies, and use them to destroy his political rivals as Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats do.

Jim Hoft: “Nancy Pelosi’s Away on Vacation… She’s Not Doing Her Job… Nothing Unusual About That” – President Trump Rips Pelosi for Not Passing Extension to Help Small Business (VIDEO) Compare and contrast to Pelosi’s repeated claim.

Matthew Haag: They Filed for Unemployment Last Month. They Haven’t Seen a Dime. – “Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo has repeatedly promised to fix New York’s archaic unemployment-insurance system, which has been overwhelmed by an unprecedented wave of claims.” Remember the brouhaha when the Obamacare web site went live? Deja vu …

Jeff Reynolds: Battle Lines Drawn: Texas Opts for Liberty, While Washington State Makes Liberty Illegal – “Several states have banded together to oppose President Trump’s framework for getting America back to work, while other states have shown a willingness to protect individual liberty and the livelihoods of Americans.

David Ng: Hollywood Lashes Out at Trump for Calls to ‘Liberate’ MI, MN, VA : ‘He Is Going to Get More People Killed – “Celebrities recoiled at the president’s show of support on Friday, calling the commander in chief “deranged,” “terrifying,” and a “madman.

Deborah Franklin: Q Praises Shocking Out of Shadows Documentary and Millions Watch it – “On April 10, an underground documentary with no publicity landed on YouTube and amassed one million views in 24 hours. Despite YouTube’s efforts to hide it, Out of Shadows continues to attract more than a million viewers a day, lifting the mask “on how the mainstream media and Hollywood manipulate and control the masses by spreading propaganda throughout their content.”

New York Post: Facebook’s ‘fact checkers’ are the real fake news after censoring Post story – “The social media giant’s “fact checkers” decided this was not a valid opinion. If you tried to share Mosher’s column on Facebook, the social network stuck a “False Information” alert on top” … “this was an opinion column, not a news report.

“As a significant source of news for much of the world’s population, Facebook has a clear responsibility to do better: If it’s going to block “false” information, it needs better fact-checkers — and more people watching over those watchmen.

When your defense against “fake news” all but kills free discussion, your system is worse than no defense at all.

Byron York: How to get the economy back into gear – “What has caused the economy to grind to a halt is not some governor or mayor’s order, or some public health bureaucrat’s recommendation,” said Arkansas Republican Sen. Tom Cotton, who warned of the coronavirus’s danger back in January. “It’s just the fear of the virus.” … “But now, it is time to look at the reverse scenario. What will have to change to reduce public fears to the point that people will accept the easing of restrictions?

John Hinderaker: Good COVID-19 News – “At this point, it seems clear that the epidemic has assumed the bell-shaped curve predicted by Farr’s Law in the 19th Century:” It’s really a skewed population curve but that minor distinction is covered in the discussion.

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