Doesn’t add up. Doesn’t make sense.

Chuck Dinerstein: COVID-19’s Math: Why Don’t the Numbers Add Up? – “The numbers associated with COVID-19, its infectivity, hospital admissions, deaths, are all being studied like tea leaves for any pattern or trend.” … “the problem is really two old cognitive difficulties, numbers appear far more precise and concrete than they actually are and a number by itself has little meaning, it requires the context, often another number – ratios.

Roger Kimball: The Seventh Seal on the Hudson – “If you are worried about human lives, you should focus your attention not on this year’s respiratory virus but on the wild, herd-like overreaction to the virus. That’s where the real danger lies.” … “The truth is, the advent of the coronavirus is less a health emergency than it is a failure of nerve.

Augusto Zimmermann: In the State You Will Trust – “Australia has effectively become a police state. … I have never witnessed so much hatred in this country.”

“I also note that many Australians have developed an utterly distorted view of what governments can do for them. Such individuals now blindly worship at the altar of the all-powerful State, expecting it to be their almighty saviour, seeing in government the ultimate provider for all things. Perhaps this is a result of society’s lost faith in the God of Christianity. Be that as it may, the undeniable truth is that far too many Australians have acquired an unshakable faith in their political class. Call it a form of idolatry if you wish.

Indeed, the Prime Minister, premiers, senior advisors and politicians have never had such an energising time as the present. They are so full of importance and power that one can only expect them to continue running the country in such a heavy handed manner once this current crisis is over.

No free and democratic society can possibly exist without the rule of law. When a legal system turns out to be so much anti-freedom, instead of government under the law there will be only arbitrary rule by “law” and by brute force. The basic question is, which authority? The authority of the law that is equitable and valid for all, or the authority of the political ruler that is arbitrary and devoid of any accountability?

Michelle Rindels, Riley Snyder: Sisolak touts expanded unemployment insurance programs, backdating of claims to help people locked out of system – here’s how it’s done. See Megan Messerly: Coronavirus contextualized, 3rd edition: Exploring, through data, COVID-19 in Nevada and beyond for where uncertainty in data is used by politicians like Sisolak for enhancing their controls and edicts both in invoking edicts as precautionary and then demanding certitude before ‘thinking about’ letting them go.

I & I Editorial Board: Who Will Get Blamed If Coronavirus Shutdown Turns Out To Be A Massive Overreaction? – “What if we learn that trillions of dollars in economic costs from the coronavirus shutdown bought us little or nothing in terms of public health?

“We are the first to admit that, because this coronavirus is new and early signs about its lethality were worrisome, extra precaution was warranted as coronavirus spread. But not everyone was hitting the panic button, it’s just that voices of calm were ignored. If it turns out that the risks were far less dire, and the disease far more manageable without draconian restrictions, how will the public react? Who will they blame for needlessly crashing the economy?

We know who Democrats will blame, of course. But if the evidence shows that massive shutdowns weren’t needed, there must be a reckoning. And it should start with the public health “experts” who brought them about.

The market is speaking. Hospitals bought in hook, line, and sinker and are now sharing in the financial suffering as the expected mobs of disease stricken have not appeared.

Jonathan F. Keiler: The Media Controls the ‘Crisis’ – “No matter what the President and his experts want to do, or even his congressional and gubernatorial rivals, the media largely dictates the extent of public cooperation or panic, which is true power.

“From the get-go, at least in the West, and especially in the United States, the coronavirus pandemic has been more a media event than anything else. Coronavirus is a serious international public health concern, but the weight of evidence currently suggests that it is also not an unusually dangerous one.

In theory, an objective media might have probed these disparities, but instead it simply latched onto the most dramatic and destructive ideations, dismissing anything else. Then — with social media platforms adding heat — it stoked public hysteria to such an extent that governmental authorities were forced to take draconian public measures whether they wanted to or not.

The media’s power is enormous, and unmitigated by constitutional checks and balances. And it’s in the service of a party — the Democrats — not the government or the people. Yet the media’s actions are entirely legal, and constitutionally protected, making it effectively unstoppable.

Regardless of the epidemiological science or governmental initiatives, the “crisis” probably won’t end until the media itself starts running out of money, or has or gotten what it wants.

John Hinderaker: Another Dishonest Smear By the Washington Post – “The Post’s article is popular on Twitter, as liberal “blue checks” use it to express their hope that lots of South Dakotans die as punishment for their temerity in electing a Republican governor.” This one is about a slaughterhouse where the employees got sick versus a governor who was not sufficiently fascist for the Left. “The entire point of the article is that the Smithfield experience proves Governor Noem was wrong not to order a mass closure of businesses.

“The point of the Post story is to convey the impression that Governor Noem’s reliance on voluntary measures, education, persuasion, and close cooperation with federal agencies, other governors, and the private sector is a failure. Strikingly absent from the Post’s hit job, however, is the bottom line: how many South Dakotans have actually succumbed to COVID-19? The answer: 6, and none have been reported within the last week. South Dakota has one of the best coronavirus records of any state, but the Post didn’t tell its readers that. It would have ruined the narrative.

As usual, the Left’s smears are boring, but what is actually happening is interesting.

neo: Dean Baquet of the NY Times turns himself into a pretzel trying to explain the paper’s “coverage” of the sexual allegations against Biden – “the utter inconsistency of the Times and its differential treatment of the two sets of allegations (against Biden and Kavanaugh) is glaringly apparent to any thinking person. Unfortunately, Baquet’s utterly weaselly excuses will probably be just fine with a lot of Times readers.”

The New York Sun: The Governors’ ‘Mutiny’ – “a bloom of stories in the press suggests states have begun doing just what the Constitution says they can’t.

“What gets us, in any event, is the way the Democrats are dragging out of every constitutional saloon some law professor to declaim on what an ignoramus the president is — while also ignoring the way the states are blowing past the compact and agreement clause. In respect of the Constitution, it seems to us, one needs to be in for the goose as well as the gander.

Wilfred McClay: A Radical Pseudo-historian Meets His Match – “it would be a grave mistake to neglect the singular influence that a single 1980 book, Howard Zinn’s A People’s History of the United States, has had over Americans’ broad conceptions about the shape and meaning of their own history.

“The handful of professional historians who have deigned to comment on his work over the years have been dismissive of it as simplistic and one-sided, despite the fact that many of them shared Zinn’s general political outlook, if not his activist leanings.

You will find the book being used in U.S. History courses across the land, not only in urban and suburban public high schools, but in tony independent schools, charter schools, religious schools, and even some survey courses at colleges and universities.

So the influence of Zinn’s book is wide and deep, and yet the book itself has remained surprisingly unexamined, notwithstanding the casual dismissiveness that so many historians show toward it.

Thankfully, that is now no longer the case.

Howard Zinn isn’t the only person who has gotten rich off of anti-Americanism, but he is surely one of the most galling.

Sundance: Terms and Conditions – California Outlines Six Requirements Before Lifting Home Detainment and Reopening The Economy…Please remember the key words that all totalitarian minds use in their language. When you see the code-words: “challenge“, “opportunity“, “partner” or “support“, pay extra attention.

“The publication of this decree is actually quite remarkable. I was floored when I read it.

Notice within the six terms and conditions there is ZERO CONSIDERATION for rights of the individual. Every condition is framed around the interests of the state. The individual is literally framed as adverse to the interests of the state.

Your rights as an individual are dissolved by the state, where the state interests begin.

The State of California is accomplishing this without even attempting to create a single law; or have a single representative vote… This is all being carried out by decree.

It’s mind blowing.

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