Little tyrants. Being relevant as well as right.

Monica Showalter: One heck of a dishonest report from CBS’s 60 Minutes on the medical mask shortage – “With a record like CBS’s on this crisis, you’d think they’d be extra careful about facts, particularly since their top brand, 60 Minutes, is involved. But nope, they’re still promoting the same dishonest narrative that drove those previous credibility killers

“The ‘why’ of it is where the shoddy journalism came in. As 60 Minutes painted a picture of doom and gloom, and then featured a gotcha interview with White House advisor Peter Navarro, with argumentive questions in strong contrast to the credulous softball questions thrown out to the individual Bronx doctor and nurse (they didn’t ask anyone running the actual hospital what might be going on), other stuff around the country suggested other things:

60 Minutes has converted what’s essentially a hospital failure into a federal obligation to subsidize the hospital’s poor planning.

It was a dishonest as heck report that revolved solely around blaming Trump. How happy the hospital mismanagers and out-the-door inside crowd must have been to have read about this — do whatever you want and blame Trump. The rest of us can only see a lot of dishonest journalism, creating quite a tapestry pattern of error, and a growing credibility problem for CBS, as this nonsense keeps happening, again, and again, and again.

David Catron: What the Media Can’t See About COVID-19 – “If it causes a genuine economic collapse, they don’t get to keep their stuff.”

“Oddly enough, Irwin’s employer explains why journalists are no exception: “Finding a sizable audience has not been a problem for publishers … But with businesses paused or closed—and no longer willing or able to pay for advertisements—a crucial part of the industry’s support system has cracked.” This has led to thousands of furloughs and pay cuts at the country’s largest newspaper chains. The media should welcome good news about COVID-19 and join the rest of us as we pray that the pandemic did indeed reach its peak during Easter, and that there will be a public health and economic resurrection in May.

Scott Johnson: The limits of free Geach – “By early Saturday afternoon,” Dr. Geach writes, “it had 50,000 thousand views and was going viral. All of a sudden, however, I started getting notifications from people that my article had been taken down.” The link now brings up a 410 error. He received this message from Medium:

Hillary Chabot[]: Sexual assault allegation against Joe Biden splits Democrats: Deleted NYT tweet fuels uproar over accusations. [Cites Boston Herald which is nagware and worse.] Also provides a favorite quote from Jim Treacher about this sort of reporting.

John Daniel Davidson: The Coronavirus Is Exposing Little Tyrants All Over The Country – “Some mayors and governors seem to think their authority is limitless in the face of the pandemic. They need a remedial lesson in the Constitution.”

“We’ve now witnessed local and state governments issue decrees about what people can and cannot buy in stores, arrest parents playing with their children in public parks, yank people off public buses at random, remove basketball rims along with private property, ticket churchgoers, and in one case try—and fail—to chase down a lone runner on an empty beach. All of this, we’re told, is for our own good.

That these officials need to be reminded of that, and in some cases restrained by federal judges, bodes very ill for America. Now more than ever, we need leaders who don’t just care about protecting us from the pandemic, but also care about preserving liberty in a time of crisis.

Roger Kimball: Herd Immunity vs. Herd Mentality – “Although we do not yet know every detail of the end of our infatuation with the coronavirus, it’s clear that the historian of this episode will include a chapter called “Mistakes Were Made.”

““Herd immunity” is a settled concept in epidemiology. It occurs when “a large percentage of a population has become immune to an infection, whether through previous infections or vaccination, thereby providing a measure of protection for individuals who are not immune.”

“Herd mentality,” on the contrary, provides immunity from independent thought. It protects a population from thinking clearly by spreading a spirit of conformity. It increases a people’s docility, thus rendering them more susceptible to the blandishments of usurping authority.

Herd immunity I regard as a good thing. Herd mentality, not so much.

Are you worried about human lives? Then focus your attention not on this year’s respiratory virus but on the wild, herd-like overreaction to the virus. That’s where the danger lies, as you can see by the sixteen million people who, over the course of just a few weeks, find themselves out of a job. Ponder the thousands upon thousands of businesses that have been shuttered by the draconian panic stirred by the president’s misguided counselors.

Rbradley: Climate Intelligence Foundation to Poynter Institute: Debate Climate Science, Don’t Insult – “Global Climate Intelligence Group (CLINTEL) is an EU-based organization promoting climate realism in the face of climate alarmism.”

Jussi: Your statement is 100% correct but misses the entire point – “In the real world being right is not a merit by itself. In any debate being right is important, of course, but the much more important feature is being relevant.” … “Being right is easy. Being relevant is extremely difficult.”

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