Gullible offense and government funded media

Geoffrey Luck: We’ll Pay in Pain When the Bill Comes Due – “What went wrong? We live in an emotional and sentimental age. Too often we heard the government and its ministers talking of saving every life (as if that were possible).

“When this is over the statistics will reflect merely a premature “harvesting” largely of the old and infirm, balanced by a decline of deaths in the subsequent period. Deaths from the Wuhan virus will prove to be only a blip on the scale of the normal 160,00 deaths a year. But Australia will be beginning to face the real crisis – an unnecessarily weakened economic and financial position in a crippled world.

Tim Blair: The ABC’s Beclowned Fact Check Unit – “Apply the investigative intensity of the ABC’s Fact Check Unit to just about any broadly accurate claim—or precisely accurate, in Kelly’s case—and it could be shown as faulty.” … “The ABC, a faith-based organisation that redistributes middle-class taxes to the wealthy, needs to be privatised.

Andrea Widburg: Racial warrior offended when the Surgeon General tells minorities that behavior affects virus risks – “PBS’s Yamiche Alcindor has distinguished herself as one of the media figures most engaged in the “gotcha” game at COVID-19 press conferences, especially when she can work race into the issue.” PBS is the U.S. version of ABC.

Lubos Motl: Most Czech physicians consider permeation desirable and/or unavoidable – “The fake news media have acquired so much influence – and the ordinary people have become so incredibly gullible and robbed of the last traces of critical thinking – that the talking heads are able to confuse a large portion of the Westerners – and perhaps a majority – and make them believe that the laymen’s irrational and unscientific superstitions are the solid science and vice versa.”

“Even when it comes to the “smart quarantine”, i.e. non-permeation approaches to the virus, I feel that the discussion is much more rational and well-informed in Czechia than it is in almost all other Western countries where the dominant discourse still seems to be “mindless hysteria controlled by irrelevant factoids, cherry-picked and fake anecdotes, uncontrolled data, aconspiracy theories, and uncritical worshiping of the Flat Curve Society”.

Is California permeated?

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