Hospitals, paganism, and progressive destruction

James L. Swofford: The Flu, the Coronavirus, and Hospital Beds – “The bottom line is that we didn’t hear about the U.S. hospital system being overwhelmed during the peak of the 2017-2018 flu season. It has handled surprisingly big influxes of patients then and seems to be doing so again this time.

Stuart Lindsay: The Express Road to Serfdom – “Before the Wuhan virus I radically underestimated both the cohesion with which the leftist ideas operated in every sphere of our social and political life and their effectiveness in neutering dissent, both within and without their class.

“Every day during this lockdown I encounter friends whom I never thought would surrender the glorious privilege of being independent. I refer to independence of thought, and speech, and preference, even of mere unreflective habit. But they have done just that.

I look back at this article and ask myself why I wrote it. The answer I give is that I have re-assured myself that I have not yet forfeited that hold on who I am and who my forbears were nor on my Christian faith,and that gives me my bearings again. That is important because these last weeks have been a time, not of dangerous medical emergency, but rather, of precipitous cultural decline.

Tyler Durden: Pope Francis: Pandemic Could Be ‘Nature’s Revenge’ For Ignoring Climate Change – “The remarks were cited in a Wednesday interview with The Tablet and Commonwealth magazines, wherein the pope further described the crisis as an opportunity for mankind to “slow down the rate of production and consumption.” The Pope is a pagan obsessed with socialist ideology? (see also Is The Pope A Pagan?)

Elizabeth Fortunato: Pope Francis and Mike Lindell: Two Men of Faith Confront the Pandemic – “At a time when the world needs Pope Francis to rise above secular politics and agendas and captain the boat that Jesus left in the hands of Peter’s successors, Francis clings to his secular-socialist mast, repeating outdated tropes found in ’70s-style liberation theology as if they were prayers.” … “The role Francis has unwittingly chosen for himself is that of the ancient Pharisee.”

“Meanwhile, in striking contrast to Pope Francis’s despondent, solemn, solitary procession in a deserted Saint Peter’s Square, doggedly maintaining his self-censorship, was the brief—and for reasons mysterious to all serious Christians—apparently incendiary March 30 appearance of Mike Lindell, CEO of MyPillow Company, at the White House coronavirus briefing.

Mark Tapson: Progressive Destruction: The Pandemic is the Perfect Time to Abolish the Family – “There’s no nightmare the Left won’t pursue to achieve its earthly paradise.”

Brian C.Joondeph, MD: Medical Advances Minus the Full Research Apparatus – “A real doctor, a Mayo Clinic cardiologist warned, “Inexcusable to ignore hydroxychloroquine side effects.” No one is ignoring side effects. Unlike the brainiac who took fishbowl cleaner, hydroxy is available only via a prescription from a licensed physician. It’s the doctor’s job to weigh the risks and benefits of any prescription they write.” … “Has Trump derangement syndrome so afflicted the media and the left that their hostility toward hydroxy is based solely on the fact that President Trump promoted it? It sure seems that way.

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