Problems and barriers

I & I Editorial Board: How Bad Regulation, Bureaucracy Slowed The Fight Against Deadly Wuhan Coronavirus – “our main regulatory, research and policy-making agencies at the national level are divorced from their true mission: To protect Americans. Their actions arguably contributed to the current quarantine and to the rising deaths from the Wuhan coronavirus across the country.”

Stephen Kruiser: The Morning Briefing: Bloated Bureaucracy Is Going to Have a Coronavirus Body Count – “Trump is basically in the position of an NFL quarterback who’s being blamed for two decades of management and franchise failures that preceded him.”

David Bessis: Coronavirus: the key numbers we must find out – “The model is worthless unless you get the core parameters right.” … “In just a few months, China has produced massive scientific knowledge on Covid-19 that will benefit the rest of the world. But as far as epidemiology is concerned, there is one big problem: China’s numbers just don’t add up.”

“Italy, Spain, France, the United States and all significantly impacted democracies should immediately open-source their day-to-day raw mortality metrics, in real-time, with maximum geographic and demographic granularity. They should share this data for 2020 from at least as far back as 2019, and ideally from prior years so that statistical noise can be estimated. Governments should also share any available ’cause of death’ statistics.
The stakes are too high. The disconnect between official tallies and what people see on social networks is too obvious. Compared to China, Western democracies have underdelivered on preparedness and decisiveness. They must beat China on transparency, or they will lose credibility.
Unless we quickly learn the most basic facts about our new reality, the only certainty is that we’ll make bad decisions that will inflict unnecessary harm on a lot of people.

John Hinderaker: An Optimistic Projection of COVID-19 Deaths [with comment by Paul] – both the yin and the yang – “Maybe there will be a silver lining to the Wuhan virus: it might focus attention on the main killers of Americans and others. According to the CDC, these are the principal causes of death in the U.S.:” Paul adds “We keep the number of annual deaths from the flu well below 81,000 through a vaccine.” The impact of social distancing on flu data is not considered. – also see neo.

neo: Conversations with friends: “Trump did nothing” – “Ever since the COVID phenomenon began, though, I’ve noticed that most of them can’t seem to resist dropping little political statements into the conversation, usually about Trump.” … “I’ve noticed that these statements seem to take one (or both) of two forms. The first one can be summed up as “Trump did nothing and that let coronavirus get a grip here.” The second is “Trump hates science.” … “It’s really quite impressive to see the coordination and scope of the effort to get the word out. And my friends have certainly received the message, loud and clear.” This anti-Trump thing goes well beyond TDS or politics and is perhaps more dangerous than any pandemic in the long term. When people avoid intellectual integrity, society suffers and one only has to look at communism in the 20th century to see extreme examples.

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