The hostility is destructive and instructive

Andrea Widburg: Once again, Trump was right and the media were wrong – “As always, when it comes to the media’s obsessive need to contradict Trump, the media were wrong.” … as were -are- a couple of governors.

“Indeed, the chloroquine and azithromycin treatment was so successful that Dr. Raoult refused to use a control group. He believed that doing so would be unethical insofar as it would deny people a proven life-saving treatment.

And Trump once again scores against a hostile media.

Peter Wales: The Case for a Nationwide Lockdown – “What we do know is that of tested and diagnosed cases which have run their course, more than 15 people out of 100 have died.” 15%? His cite doesn’t even support this is it’s worst cases. Then there’s the note that “it was no more than a few days’ inconvenience, as suggested by the latest figures out of Iceland, where mass testing has indicated the virus had a much wider and largely unnoticed spread in the community than “we would have assumed,” in the words of the chief tester.” Doomsday alarmism supported neither by its citations nor its observations and we are supposed to take it seriously?

Clarice Feldman: Numerators and Denominators in the Coronavirus Saga – “To ascertain how fatal a virus is, we need an accurate picture of how many people have it (the denominator) and how many have died as a result (the numerator), we have neither, but the data is improving and with it some substantial shifts away from the original model, which predicted far more deaths as a result of the Wuhan virus than we are seeing.”

“Early models also could not accurately predict how quickly the virus would spread and what tools could be brought in to limit mortality. As the data comes in, we have reason to be more optimistic that the death rate will be lower, the extreme efforts to control its spread should soon be relaxed, and that efficacious treatments are already underway. (Unfortunately, I can be far less sanguine about the end of Democratic rapaciousness in the face of national emergencies or media disingenuousness.)
Yes, special protection must still be in place for the elderly and immune suppressed, and we must continue to practice good hygiene, and yes, all available personnel and supplies must go to those areas hardest hit, but I’m not shoving my Amazon boxes into the autoclave any longer and I firmly believe we need to get back to more normal commercial activity in most of the country as soon as possible, and no later than Easter, or the consequences to the nation’s health and well-being will be worse than that of the virus.

Hannah Smothers: Every Grocery Store Should Be Handling the Pandemic Like This Texas Chain – “Whole Foods, local grocery chains, and probably the federal government could take a page from HEB’s emergency preparedness book.” … “HEB probably had a head start because it operates solely in a state where hurricane season means nearly annual emergency situations,”

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